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December 11, 2009

Dear Michael,..

Your Music and Dancing are amazing, touched many many hearts including mine, but it was your Strength especially through hard times that really inspired me to push through my own struggles in life at the moment, and I can relate my own difficulties during my childhood with you as well…even though you went through a lot more than I did!

I have learned so much from you, I really have, and I Am a better person because of you…I’ve learnt to be grateful for what we have but still try to help others and our planet..Nothing (eg Money) is just for me its to share with everybody Equally..! ..Yes even the poor 3rd world countries should have the same amount of wealth as us…..I’ve learnt alottt…!…but there is one thing I have really learnt and that is to Love, Instead of complaining about how cruel and selfish people are, look for the good in their souls, and Love everybody’s..Religion, Race, Sex, Color etc it doesn’t matter, we are all brothers and sisters, we are all the children of God, and we should all love, care and lookout for each other as if we are all brothers and sisters..! L.O.V.E…its all for love..! 🙂

You are a wonderful person inside and smile is precious,your eyes; full of love.
You’ve gone back to home…Heaven!! :) teaching the angels how to moonwalk ! God watches on with a proud smile!!

This world filled with hate and tabloid trash couldn’t cope with a soul as pure as yours..and I put my hands up and admit that I was one of many people who thought you were weird…I was too young to understand things that were printed in magazines and said on TV, but I still took in the lies and untrue stories that were brain-washing the nation and making people like myself turn against you…!

I now know that all you wanted was a world of peace
…. purity and love…!

For the rich to share with the hungry, for hate, guns and war to turn into love and smiles, for the now unhealthy world to be healthy again with no rising sea-waters, no holes in our ozone layer, and for there to be green fresh forests instead of these forests being turned into desert and finally for all the money spent on war and ammunition to be spent on people who need shelter, education, food, water, medical treatment, clothes and much more….

The world still is very unhealthy but Michael you definitely have made a change to so many lives, and donated so much time, effort and money.

…..To The Real Loyal Fans of MJ…..I am so happy that he had soo many loyal fans from all over the world…who stood by him through hard times. You struggled with him but fought till the end in 2005 especially, and also many MJ fans hate the fact that people like myself only became to love Michael after his death.

I wished I had known the true MJ before hand as well but I believed the tabloids and believed that he was a man that everyone should stay away from..but then he passed away, suddenly all the good things start to come out about him…his memorial also….many good friends talked of how down-to-earth and loving he is, and tributes, stories, songs everything were everywhere after he died it was then who people like myself became more interested in him, did some research, listened to his music, read his autobiography etc etc…

and realized that the Michael Jackson the tabloids talked about and the Real Michael Jackson aka Peter Pan :L were total opposites of each other..

I hope that MJ fans can relate to my story, and understand where I’m coming from…! :))

I would not like Michael to come back like many people would love..he’s too good for our planet…But I do hope that some day I get to meet him up above tell him how sorry I really am and how much I love him ….give him a hug, ….And not scream and shout at him, give ”Michael jackson” orders to dance and sing but to talk and have fun with the playful, and childlike like myself …Peter Pan that I love…..!!

I am really so sorry Mike, I hate myself for believing lies….I really wish I could have seen the good in you, I Hateee the Tabloids so much…!  

I hope you will find it in your hearts (both Michael & the Fans) to see where I’m coming from and forgive me someday..! And When that happens someday, somewhere, sometime up there, I hope, I wish, I Dream to get a MJ Hug….! Pretty Please..? 😛

  I Love You Mike soo much…..!!

…and I pray for your children, even though I know your taking good care of them yourself….!! ;)

Love from
Teresa…!! x.x.x

P.s. You’ve got fans from Ireland too…!!…actually… all over the world…! :)

December 12, 2009

Behind The Shades

You’d grow from a child to a man in the short space of time
from years lost on the road.  Trying to find any speck of the
child that was left behind.  It all became a blur, it went so

Catapulted into the stratosphere, you’d set the world on fire.
Amid the flashbulbs and microphones.  But I wonder what you
were thinking behind the shades?

All the adulation that came with the fame you didn’t quite
know how to handle-it was thrust on you at a tender age, when
you should have been in that park playing with the other kids.
That was stolen away, though you wouldn’t trade it for the world,
this world that you decided early on you would help as it’s
ambassador, for the child you couldn’t be.

All the time, I wonder what was going on behind the shades?
Shopping trips became a circus unto themselves, as you quietly
tried to be “normal” and slip away in various alias’s.  What
we took for granted you could only dream about.

The tabloid press would jump on anything they could to
demonize you in the eyes of the public, and make a mockery of
what they thought was “weird.” Your superstardom was always on
display, because they wouldn’t let you have your privacy, even
for a moment. I know you must have felt trapped behind the shades.
How sad that these very people who helped your star rise,
now would be the ones who forced you to create your own self-
imposed prison, and painted you strange!  Would turn the tide of
public opinion, even though you warned people”not to believe
everything you read.”  I can only imagine what was going on
behind the shades

But I can also imagine the satisfaction you got when you
proved your detractors wrong.  The many contributions you made
for the good of all, especially the children.  The accolades
you received not for being the “pop star”, but for doing what
was right as a human being.  Now that is something they can never
take away from you, Michael.  It’s no wonder you sometimes felt
more comfortable behind the shades.  You had to keep a little
part of yourself to yourself.  Best not to give away too much.
That’s what we loved about you.  The humble person who chose the
path of unconditional love for all and made it your life’s
mission, for those who had eyes to see and ears to hear.

There’s a hole in our hearts that will never be completely
filled now that you’re gone, but we’ll push forward with renewed
strength of mind, keeping you close in our hearts, with every
victory for Earth and child.  Because a cause this righteous
will not be ignored.

Oh, no Michael, we’ll make sure of that, I promise you.

That’s when we’ll finally see that smile behind the shades.

With love and peace to you, Michael.


Michigan  U. S. A.   12-11-09

December 15, 2009

One World  One Love One Heart

An angel sent to me

from very far away

Someone who’s special to this

Very day

The stars will sparkle because of you

For all the wonderful

things you do

The prayers you say for one and all

Your graciousness

In lending a helping hand or word

Goes so much

deeper than just being felt or heard

Listening to your music and songs from above

In me, much like every one’s you’ve become a piece of my heart

So full of LOVE

To give and share showing the world

how much we care

All because of you

Representing all fans from anonymous

December 19, 2009


I shall miss you. From now, and forever, you’ll always be my life glowing
in my heart and you’ll always be my Angel on my shoulder. Your face was
the one I saw when I was writing poetry of you. You’re the best man I have
ever known. Where ever I’m led, whatever I must do, I’ll always love

May you rest in heavenly peace.

I Love You


February 4, 2010


Your gentleness and selflessness were some of your most treasured gifts!

Your loving family (especially your children), true friends and devoted fans are still trying to understand why your creator took you from this earth so soon.  Although many of us are still having diffulculty accepting your death, knowing you are watching over us gives us the stength we need to move forward.   Your were a father, a son, a brother, a friend, and entertainer.  Most important of all, you were THE messenger God sent to us to spread HIS word.

God took you home too soon, but you did not disappoint your Father.

Rest in Peace Michael.


I LuV YoU MiChaEl JackSon!

Sunday Roberts   –   Canada

March 28, 2006

Dear Michael

I opened up my computer this morning and I saw your beautiful picture I think from Bahrain with a model . Michael you look so happy and well rested. Its a shame you are so far away but I can see how well you are doing. You have done the right thing for you and your family , at least you are getting peace and privacy and even able to go to things without being hounded by the press and of course your fans I must say.

I know you know we love you more than life itself but we have to let you have your space . You need to be able to come and go like other people and I think you are able to do that more freely where you are.  I can’t wait for your new song to come out, I just know it will be beautiful. Only you would put others first after all you have been through because that’s who you are. You are just to good for this world but we couldn’t be without you in it.

We all owe you so much and Michael you have the heart of an angel.

Be happy and you stay who you are, but of course you could never be anything else. Don’t forget your fans are here for you and we always will be. Everyday Michael there’s new fans coming to you all the time. Just today my 15 year old grandson came home and asked to watch your Dangerous tour DVD. He said kids at school were saying all the singers out there got everything from you and owe their careers to you. Isn’t that wonderful Michael?!

Well God bless you my brother and take care of your self,

love you always.

Your friend from Canada,

Sunday Roberts

Aaron Barrow, 13  –   Nashville Tennessee

March 30, 2006


How have you been? We miss you like crazy!

Can’t wait for your return. Make sure you are staying happy, peaceful, and relaxed in Bahrain! When you tour, come to Nashville!

Please Michael, we want to see you on top again. You can do it! Don’t worry what anyone says; don’t listen to all of the lies…they will pay for it in the end! Pay attention for here and now.

We are all here, waiting for you; staying loyal and active.

Love you very much and miss you!

Love With All Of My Heart, Aaron Barrow, 13, Nashville



April 8, 2006

Michael Jackson

I´d never seen anyone as you

with such forgiving soul and pure heart

I wish that everyone could see you

Through my eyes, for a start

The others watch with blind eyes

They doesn’t understand

They trust the papers lies

And refuse to take your helping hand

To watch videos, on stage

Where you take over it all

Fans loves you, in whatever age

Music and dance is your call

I never thought that music

would mean so much to me

But it did.

You did.

Your fans are right:

You are a reason to breathe-

Why does everyone keep poison my air?

We could all together fulfill your dream

To heal the world

King of Pop

You earn the title
God Bless You

Linda Ågren


April 15, 2006

MIchael  Jackson,

I wish you a Happy Easter.

Have a Great Easter with your family and children.

I love you with all my heart.

Annmarie Gomez

May 22 , 2006

Dear Michael,

here is a poem I wrote for u bc the One Year Anniversary is coming up, please don’t be mad, I love you and you are where my inspiration comes from. You give me the strength to open my eyes every day, you give me the courage to take one more breath, and you told me on Indictment day that u needed me to stay strong for u and send my happy thoughts to u, I felt, saw and heard u, I really did and I hope I did that cuz u were vindicated and proven 100% INNOCENT!

Here is what I wrote. I LOVEYOU SO MUCH Michael.

Love, Tami L. Cook a/k/a Siena Jackson

I Remember Every day I watched you going in and out of court every day you waved at us and smiled. Your strength seemed unbreakable if only for a while.

I remember when I saw you grow weaker by the day so I stepped up my efforts and every day I’d pray that  God would protect you and that you would be OK

I remember when the verdict came when I thought TS had tarnished your name I sat with bated breath as I waited for the call. I prayed to God that you would not fall.

I remember the skeptics who said without a doubt that you would be no more and your star would go out. I stood upon the sidewalk and shouted to the world “THE KING OF POP IS INNOCENT AND I AM STILL HIS GIRL!”

I remember how I slept that night with happy thoughts of you they danced inside my head knowing that wishes do come true.

I remember that you love us and how you told us so so I want you to remember that my love only grows even now at one year later as the anniversary nears I wanted you to know I still cry happy tears.

I’ll always remember how the world came back into view, its pretty colors returning instead of gray or blue.

I remember when I first loved you in 1982 when Thriller came out before I could even tie my shoes.

I love You Michael Jackson and you know I will forever. I know you hear this all the time but I tell you with this rhyme you are very dear to me and I hope that you can see I want to be your faithful Tinker Bell and fly with you to Neverland.

If You are Peter Pan, then grab onto a happy thought and won’t you take my hand? We’ll fly up high just the two of us all you need is faith, trust and pixiedust!

Tami L. Cook (c) 5~18~2005

September 16, 2006

Hello Michael!

My name is Alexandra Bachorska. I’m 22 years old and I come from Poland. I live in Poznan, city on the west my country.

Michael, I have loved you and your creation since I was a little girl.

I didn’t understand words of your songs then, because I didn’t know English, but I have always understood your music.

Your compositions are a magic power.

You read in my heart by your music.

I never met you, but I feel like you would be my related soul.

I love you Michel. You are wonderful human and don’t ever change. Your music gives me a hope and a strength, and it makes me happy.

I always will carry you in my heart.

Love Always,


November 4, 2006

Connie Jones – New York, USA


You are well missed here in the USA, but it’s understandable that one must do, what one have to do.  Where ever you chose to make your home, I pray that there is an abundance of Love Peace & Tranquility for you, your family & all of your surrounding. May heaven crack the sky and grant you your heart desire.

Along with your brothers you once sang a song called “The corner of the sky”, have you finally found yours? or do the search go on.  But surely as the world continual to turn, may you continual to reach out and touch those who are in need for TLC.  Let’s make this world a better place if we can.

Michael and surely you have touched so many lives with your soft voice and beautiful lyrics, with your electrifying dance steps & your warm smile, for you to stop doing what you were created to do, because of all the mean & cruel people that exist in this world, who are trying to destroy you as well as your career is unthinkable.   You said it best, we are the world, we are the future we are the ones to make a better place so lets start giving.  And truly you have giving so much of yourself to this world until there is not room enough to document it all.

You are a special person a great humanitarian the chosen one, one that I would travel around the world to see a thousand time’s or more.  For all that you have done it hurts me so deeply to see people dishonor you.

I saw you on Access Hollywood in the studio.  You look cool calm and collected, you look very well.  A question was asked can lighting strike twice  concerning Thriller? Well as for me I can’t wait for your new CD to come out.  Just to name a couple.

  In the past you rocked us with (rock with you), you shaked us with (shake your body down) and to answer the question, yes you can thrill us for the 2ND time around, all over again with THRILLER, I am a believer.

You look very happy in Europe, always remember as far as you can see, travel or be the blessing of the Lord shall follow you and ” I Got To Be There”!

Michael, I love you forever,

Connie Jones

July 23, 2007

To Michael Jackson

 In every cold and lonely day

When its too hard to find your way

Is the road sometimes long

Or your path to dark now

Just reach out for your fans

And there’ll be sunshine somehow

There will be friends

Who will walk for you through fire

Who are always there filled with desire

Believe me all you fans will be your friends

I hope that all days you have here

Are filled with laughter and no tear

And when you cannot sleep at night

Just think all fans are at your side

We really love you I’m sure  you see

This is from me and timothy


Marie Jose,


July 27, 2007

Dear Michael,



Love Bogdana From Romania


February 13 , 2006

I wish Michael’s son Prince to have a Happy Birthday..Have great day!

We all love you ..

Michael I love you  from the bottom of my heart…I wish you a happy Valentines day..

I love you .

I can’t wait for your new song to come out….

I love you all very much …I wish your family to have a Happy Valentines Day.

Your fan,


Holly Scotland, UK

Dear Michael,

You are amazing! I Love You!



December 31, 2005

Martine and Kenneth Belgium


You are very special to us, and so we are sending an angel your way To watch over you… To remind you of brighter day when you are down… And bless you with happiness forever !

Happy New Year Michael With all our love,

Martine and Kenneth (Belgium)

December 31, 2005

Above: Our Family @ MJ-Upbeat

Happy New Year Michael!

We all think you’re the coolest, sweetest, sexiest, hunkiest, most talented, loving, gentle human being on this planet!!!

Don’t ever change who you are, Just keep being you. You’re perfect!

Love Bonnie, (I’m taking the picture), my mom, (lower left), My daughter April, (next to my mom), David, Erica, Joey, Sammy, Robert, Nadia, my daughter Susan, (holding Nadia) & Bob.

January 5, 2005


~From PV4MJJ~

From the depths of this sea

I know that you will always be

Forever blessed By God almighty

Since the day you were born

A light was lit for all to see

As you were given the gift

Of this love so free

And ever since the day You were blessed by him

You’ve proven your gift

As your light Has never dimmed

Proven why God has blessed you

As he did

No one else

But you, the King

Could do what you do

In honor of him

Michael Joseph Jackson

The Humanitarian

~rAiNcRiEs~ ©05~06

(rAiNcRiEs New Web Site)


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