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March 4th, 2015

Hey Michael!?
Where’d you go
You left me here so unexpected
You changed my life
I hope you know
cause now I’m lost
So unprotected

In a blink of an eye
I never got to say goodbye

Like a shooting star
Flyin’ across the room
So fast so far
You were gone too soon
You’re part of me
And I’ll never be
The same here without you
You were gone too soon

You were always there
and like shining light
on my darkest days
you were there to guide me

Oh I miss you now
I wish you could see
Just how much your memory
Will always mean to me

In a blink of an eye
I never got to say goodbye

Like a shooting star
Flyin’ across the roof
So fast so far
You were gone too soon
You’re part of me
And I’ll never be
The same here without you
You were gone too soon

Shine on Michael <3
To a better place
But my life still
Will never be the same.

by anonymous



June 23rd, 2014

I miss my friend MJ…. I cry almost everyday  thinking of him and his ways… I took the week off to think of him and his songs…. My heart breaks and for him i  long… I have a table with his pics in my house….it’s me and  him a lot but no Ben no mouse… I guess ill search the tv to see if he’s on.. If not I have movies of him of my own.. So MJ take care ….and please catch my tears I’m sending up there…. I miss u I love you.

by katshyanne



June 2oth, 2014

Dear Michael,
                    Just 4 days left for that horrifying date to come. Mike only if you were alive you would see that even after 5 years since you left us, the love for you has only increased by each passing day.
Every moonwalker is going through a real hard time, all we do is cry all night thinking that ‘they’ lived and you died, no one did justice to you but mike millions around the world love you and believe in you. You are always in our hearts, we miss you Michael and we wish where ever you are you are finally happy!
We miss you Michael and we love you. Michael jackson is our God, moonwalker i our religion and L.O.V.E is what we stand for. bLOVE YOU MICHAEL!
Moonwalkers.. We have to be strong and show the world that MICHAEL JACKSON is alive in our hearts in our souls, that he is alive in a child’s innocent smile, that he is alive and that HE IS FOREVER!
by pihu4evr



November 10, 2013
Dear Michael:
If you only knew how is the world right now, I’m sure you were doing everything to save us. People don’t understand how important is the ONLY place we have to live… I know you are somewhere, I sent you hundreds of letters, a lot of them came to me again, others not.  I just hope that I can see you and talk to you.. I need a friend and I need to be a friend of someone who can beLIEve… I have a daughter and I’m gonna teach her the same things you teach me, so your legacy still ALIVE. I really miss you my prince. You are my prince since I have 5 years old.
I just wish to make the calendar go backwards. I keep the faith to see you….Another birthday with no notice of you. I’ll blow my 25th candles on November 18, I wish too see you’re back on the breakingnews.
With Love, Little Jennifer.
From Puerto Rico


March 6, 2010

Michael, I love you so much. You are always in my heart.

Michael’s children are angels. I love them with all my heart and cry for  
them because I can only imagine how they are hurting. (and Blanket)

I will always love you with all my heart.


September 30, 2010

I grew up listening to you and your brothers, I fell in love with you when I first seen you and your brothers on TV. You had such a sweet voice, and I knew you where going to grow and become a great entertainer. I would sing along and dance to your music. I own every album you and your brothers made. I will never ever part with them.

The world will never be the same without you. You did so much for so many people and children. Even though I never met you, I feel like your with me. I can close my eyes and see your sweet face and hear your beautiful voice, it feels like your right here with me. You were a gift from God sent here to spread the word about love and helping others. You will always live in my heart, I will love you forever Michael. I have a lot of things I want to say to you, but hard to find the words I want to say, other than I love you always and forever. Thank you Michael for everything, I hope someday I will meet you. I hope your happy and at peace now.

Hugs and kisses my angel


September 19, 2010




by Claudia Janet From Germany.

May 18, 2010

A Poem By Amy Wilson from Sydney, Australia

To Feel the pain of others


Broken wings unmended ,yearn for touch of healing and love,

Shattered pieces of souls scatter the eternal pathway of struggle,

You cry out for help, you cry and cry and cry,


Echoes of shallow despair and fear fill your mind,

Puddles of bloodstained tears cover the earth,

Where are you? why won’t you listen to me call you?

Specks of light appear through the darkened sky,

Listening, comforting, feeling your pain,

Wounds remain open, raw and weakened by hopelessness,

I will mend those broken wings ,I will piece together your scattered soul,

I will collect your tears and unite them with the ocean, where they belong,

I will strip the skies of darkness to reveal only light,

I am listening, I will comfort, I do..feel your pain,

I will gently close your wounds with kisses, love and tender hands.

Let not any moment break your spirit, let it only give you strength to continue on your eternal pathway.

May 18, 2010

July 8, 2009

Dear Michael,

You Are The One And ‘ONLY’ King of Pop!

With Love,

Steven Soccer

June 29, 2009

Keep his legacy alive.

Love ,

Jeffrey Daniel

June 29, 2009

I will love you forever Michael.

Love ,

April Lamrock

June 29, 2009

You were too good for this world. God has you now. R.I.P.

I will love you forever.

Love ,

Bonnie Lamrock

June 29, 2009

I will miss you Michael.

Love ,

Susan Lamrock

June 30, 2009

Thanks for everything you have been giving to the world.

I will miss you and love you forever.

R.I.P Michael

With love from


From Denmark

August 2 , 2009 

Dear Michael,

I feel like I’ve lost a part of my childhood. I feel like I’ve lost a piece of my heart.

I feel like I’ve lost a big brother.

Since I was little, you have been my idol. My hero.

You taught me so much and your music helped me through many hard times.

My life will never be the same. I will love you and miss you forever.

Love, always.

Jenny Karlsson, Sweden

August 22, 2009

I only want to say……. we love you and are praying for you. There was no doubt of your inocence in mine and my familys hearts.


Betty French,

Hodgenville, Kentucky

Nephew: James

August 13, 2009

I am a big fan of Michael since I was 8 years of age..He was a true gent of a superstar.

MJ will live on forever and ever in my heart..Love you MJ and all the family for ever and ever..

My first MJ album was Thriller but I love the album Bad just think its unreal with a good mix of great songs..

One of my fav MJ songs will have to be ‘We Are The World’ and ‘Heal The World’.

MJ did so much for the people who weren’t well and so sick..MJ is the king of the dance floor he is pure gold dust and no one can be better than Michael…

MJ love you so much forever and always MJ never gone..

Love Always,



Scotland Eastkilbride

September 6, 2009

There will always be one ‘King of Pop’ and that is you Michael.

God keep you safe.

Love you forever.



September 7, 2009

Good bye Micheal…….

Your music is gift you left us, thank you for your kind and sweet soul.

I  love you always…….

Sheril Snider


September 7, 2009

Good bye Micheal…….

Michael:   When I first opened my eyes and ears in this world, the very first music and dance I came to experience belonged to you— Michael Jackson!

Traveling to overseas in the eighties, I saw and heard you there.

 I walk into our closets and find t-shirts and belts with your photos and monograms on them. I would be traveling in the car, and your music would be on the radio. We would go to the movies and see your specials debuting. I would be walking the streets and witness flash mobs imitating your robotic moves , and amateurs learning to moonwalk, wearing a leather jacket and a glove.

I would turn on the tv, and see you receiving an award; signing a check; holding a baby;  and, performing for so many that in one quick glance I couldn’t tell if it was a stadium of people I just saw, or a static screen.

However, all these times, and, of course, many, many, many more, your presence chronicled my most cherishable memories and rememberances . Your presence, whether, it was near or afar archived my  life moments, and you were AND stilll are the key to that treasured chest reserving all those sentiments endeavored in my life .

Without seeing or hearing you, I would’ve not “remembered the time”.

Sometimes, I would go up to a Pepsi machine, and I am reminded of the oval glass bottles that used to have your photos labeled on it. Many times, I remember the moment my father turned to us with a smirk, and said , ” Hey Kids! Hurry! Watch! Watch , how he’s going to do his dance [moonwalk]”.

Everytime I would hear Billie Jean since that day  it seems as if that particular moment  with our father reoccurs, and an aura with my father’s voice and presence is sensed and felt under my skin and  veins as it did that one day in 1983.

Michael, you were and are a refreshing and invigorating soul that makes us not lose sight of where we were or where we came from. You were a big part of our lives, especially mine, and I have been grieving since June 25 , not for your departure alone, but the departure of all my living moments up to June 25.

Who/What will remind me again of those moments before it begins to fade???

 The one most undeniable element and fact that has me mourning and grieving  is not the music, or the talent you illustrated . It was your soul and celestial grace. The one that I sense in my chest.  Your conciousable desire to give , whether to a friend or an enemy, and the measureless compassion that prohibited your from saying  Noto anyone in need, and everything you worked hard for, but never got to enjoy a moment is tantamount to my very own life.

 I believe that my unexplainable, infinite grieving is somehow a detoxification of your pain, anger, and sorrow expressed through my physical tears and pain, which I feel is withdrawing from my soul. I can’t shake it off, and when I look around  things don’t look  the same to me anymore.

The second Thursday following your passing, I stood here in my office and I asked you, “Michael, are you really gone?”  That evening, I saw you so vividly in my dream wearing a black fedora, long sleeved blue denim shirt tucked in black pants, walking towards  me in the supermarket as I was bagging apples. You put your hand on my face , and slightly leaned my cheek  against  yours and  delicately layed a soft kiss on my lips as a mother does to her newborn baby.

It was so real, I even recollect it as I am writing this to you now. Although, I never held or shook your hand before in real life; however, in my dream I did and I felt the texture of your palms- dry and somewhat course. I looked around to see if anyone noticed you, but it was as if people were just shopping nonchalantly, as if the camera was only on you and me, and then you disappeared into one of the aisles.

That morning when I woke up , I realized you were really gone, but only your  body. That whole week I was ambivalent about the news and thought you’re alive, but to get closure, you confirmed it for me.

Love Always,


September 8, 2009


My life will never be the same now that you’re gone.

I promised my daughter I’ll teach her everything you taught me, respect and love.

  You will always be a part of us.

love always

Lucille and Emilie Paris

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