Fan #12 Gino Talamantes, San Diego CA, USA (QUIZ 1) (4/8/06)

1. What time did you get up?   I’m in construction so my day begins at 4:00 AM

2. If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be? Good question but a hard one too. Michael would be the top answer for sure. But since that can’t be, I love to see  his dad again, he’s a great guy.

3. Gold or silver? Silver…

4. What was the last film you saw at the movies? Broke Down Mountain

5. What is/are your favorite TV shows? When I have time…Sopranos 

6. What did you eat for breakfast? Spanish Omelet

7. Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with? Actually it’s relatives. 

8. Who/what inspires you? I grew up a farm kid and so my primary love is nature, and Michael has inspired me to be a better person, open my heart more and do good for others.

9. What is your middle name? None

10. Beach, city or country? Oh most definitely the country, being on a farm, working the fields and seeing your hard work grow, feeding the country…etc. 

11. Favorite ice cream? Chocolate 

12. Butter or plain popcorn? Pour the butter on my popcorn baby…

13. Favorite color? Red

14. What kind of car do you drive? Lincoln Zephyr

15. Favorite sandwich? I love Italian cold cuts…

16. What characteristics do you despise? Those that pretend to like you on one hand, then turn around and backstab you on the other…can’t be true to themselves or to you…

17. Favorite flower? All Gods Flowers are beautiful to me

18. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would u go? Well vacations are hard for me. So if I had a choice to go anywhere it would probably be back in Santa Maria. I loved it there.

19. What color is your bathroom? White 

20. Where would u like to retire? Oh man, I love to be where there “NO” traffic for one thing, open spaces for another, someplace where I can breath fresh air and listen to birds. Maybe Manitoba or Wyoming …I love horses…

21. Favorite day of the week? Friday

22. What did you do for your last birthday? I spent it in Santa Maria shouting explicit at Diane Dimond for reporting bad information to the press.

23. Where were you born? I am proud to say Boston, MA. in fact in little Italy down in the north end. I am so homesick. It’s a state with so much heritage. It may be old, but it’s historical and warm and friendly.

24. Coke or Pepsi? Coke

25. Are you a morning person or night owl?  “Morning”

26. Do you have any pets? No