WMA Reviews: Are They Serious?

After reading some of the many reviews concerning Michael’s appearance at the UK World Music Awards I can see that the media hasn’t changed much from their usual negative pursuits. No stone was left unturned as they picked apart Michael’s every move, (or lack there of).

Was Michael really supposed to perform ‘Thriller’? Neither Michael nor his spokesperson affirmed that Thriller would be performed. On the contrary, when Michael was asked if he would perform ‘anything’ during the WMA’s, he said no….declaring that indeed it was only a rumor. How do we criticize him for not doing something that he was never supposed to do in the first place?

  Instead of performing Thriller, Michael decided to sing ‘We Are The World’, a beautiful song dear to his heart which represents love and care for our world. How fortunate we are to have Michael share that performance with us all. How sad it is that it wasn’t good enough for some.

They say that Michael’s fans booed him….. I think not. Michael’s fans are not that way and they know better than most people that 90% of all rumors about Michael are false. We as fans have lived with this type of stuff for years. We know how the media can be and we brace ourselves for anything……

Sure it would have been nice to see Michael perform Thriller, but he did what was in his heart. He certainly can’t please everyone all of the time and just because the media hyped up the Thriller performance, doesn’t mean he should change his plans to accommodate the hype. I think that’s why we love him so much,,,,,because he follows his heart. His heart is the key to how he became the legend that he is and will always be.

I commend Michael for his beautiful performance and I’m grateful that he took that time to share his talents with us all.

Great job Michael!

Bonnie Lamrock