Why Did I Have To Die?

I trusted him

I trusted them ‘all’

To watch me under Propofol

As I lay my weary head to bed,

The world not knows what lay ahead.

A tragedy to come to be

My family, friends and fans will see

How will they live,

How will they cope?

I’ll miss them so,

but I must go.

As I slip away

my heart lets go

knowing I was loved

by young and old

I hold on to the memories

of my family and my fans,

As I soar into the Heavens,

I break out into my dance.

I’ll dance for all eternity,

here with our Lord

and I’ll sing for all the Angels,

I am happy this for sure.

Though I’m happy here in Heaven,

I can’t help but stop and think

Why did this all just happen,

did I make a big mistake?

Was it something that I did?

A decision that I made?

that took me from my children

and created so much pain?

No, God assures me,

it was not my mistake

I was only a victim

of the doctors bad mistake.

A patient who had trusted.

That is who I am,

But now I am free

and I know that was God’s plan.

I’ll watch over my family

I’ll watch over my friends,

and I’ll watch over my fans

until I see you all again.


Bonnie Lamrock

Web site: MJ-Upbeat.com

Email: BonnieLamrock@aol.com

January 17, 2010