To All Of Michael Jackson’s NEW Fans Since He Passed Away

I would like to speak to all of Michael Jackson’s new fans.

As some of you know, I run a Michael Jackson web site of 8 years,, and I have come to know many loyal fans. The ‘diehard’ fans who have been there with Michael through the past trial never losing faith, standing beside him every step of the way.

It was a long and difficult road, but we saw it through to victory. We knew our man was innocent and we fought until the end. We fought on every subject over the years from the trial to parenting issues and everything in between.

But we also had the awesome times and damn our man made us proud didn’t he? How could he not? He was the epitome of love and goodness, I thought even a blind man could see that, but then I remember the media and the power & influence they have over people, I also realized that not all people saw Michael’s purity and gentleness. They were blinded by the cloud of darkness that the media had filled their heads up with. These people were cheated of what we were fortunate to have known.

I have the deepest compassion for all of Michael’s new fans. I’ve received e-mail’s from so many new fans who beat themselves up over not being there for Michael and the pain they feel is immeasurable. It was only ‘after’ Michael passed away that the media started to bring out all of Michael’s achievements and goodness. A little late isn’t it? Late for the people who didn’t believe in Michael because of the negative stories, a little late for Michael too because he never got to know just how many would come to love him had they known the truth.

Some new fans carry great amounts of guilt.

So sad to know that these new fans lived on the same earth as Michael and didn’t enjoy him. Only ‘now’ they know of what they lost out on. I wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemy. Some of these new fans hurt so badly. This is all based on stories they were fed in the media.

I think what’s important now is that they finally know the truth and though the past cannot be rewritten, the future is at our fingertips. Now we can all join together as an even ‘larger’ force than ever before and keep Michael’s legacy alive.

I believe that Michael sees us all right now and he’s smiling.

So to all of Michael’s new fans;

“Please don’t beat yourself up. Michael sees you and he understands. I know in my heart he does. Remember, he’s all about ‘Love’! We’re ‘all’ one family and we accept each other for who we are, not how ‘long’ we’ve loved Michael. It’s not a contest.”

Let’s just keep Michael’s name alive, his legacy alive and do what he wanted which is to spread love, watch out for our planet and to protect our children.


Welcome all new MJ fans!!!



Bonnie Lamrock



Fan Testimonials Below:


Sent From Betty Byrnes December 31, 2009



The story of A New Fan…


Today at work sitting at my desk, while on my lunch break, while driving home…and everyday since the loss of Michael Jackson, it still cuts like a knife. I must confess I am one of those unfortunate, new fans, who only grew to know the true Michael Jackson after he was gone. Bonnie, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so gracious, accepting, reassuring and loving to me. God bless all the loyal fans that stood by Michael all these years.


Although I deeply believe in the love of Christ, as a result of my own abuse experiences it has not always been easy for me to walk with an open mind. I have lived my life completely surrounded by church for the last 18 years. I wrapped myself in scripture and Christian music and learned to heal and survived much pain. I remember the day I heard the TV spitting the words “Child Molester” and “Michael Jackson” in the same sentence. I felt a huge knot in my stomach, completely shocked. I sat with a thud and listened in disbelief, thinking “Well, it figures. I knew he was too good to be true.” At the same time something inside screamed out and a deep pain inside clanged my heart and mind shut to Michael Jackson forever. But then that has always been my way of dealing with pain and protecting myself. The fact that I had loved his music and videos didn’t matter anymore. The fact that earlier that year I had scheduled everyone so I could watch Michael Jackson on TV to see him perform the best Super Bowl half time in the history of Super Bowls. That I loved his work and music and it had lifted my life.  I heard those ugly words; simply the most horrible thing you could call someone, and like with so many people in my life who have hurt and disappointed me I just shut the door forever. Why is it so much easier to close your mind and heart than keep them open? I don’t know that answer but what I do now know is that the beauty of Michael Jackson has taught me the biggest and most important lesson of my life and just like so many things Michael has done in his amazing life only Michael Jackson could have taught this lesson.


The day it was announced he had died I like so many others was stunned, shocked, just trying to absorb it all. My mind was like a ping pong ball trying to process the news. Will they talk about the accusations? Will they talk about his children? Will they tell the truth? What was the truth??? I suddenly wanted to know the TRUTH, not a talking head TV version but my own. I kept seeing a vision of Michael in a red shirt saying “Please don’t judge me until you know me.” I was literally compelled to my computer, suddenly needing to know everything I could about Michael Jackson. The Truth! It only took an hour of searching the internet to realize as I broke into sobs… I had never really known Michael Jackson and now it was too late. The weight of who he was began to sink in. I studied his eyes and saw kindness and beauty. I listened to him and watched his tenderness, compassion and love for children. I watched him love the neglected, broken, hurt people…people like me. I couldn’t help but notice his tender all encompassing hugs and sensitive gestures of encouragement, love and kindness. I felt so sick and so ashamed. Having seen the eyes of those who abuse I realized with great certainty that Michael Jackson was the farthest thing on this planet from ‘that’. If I had only looked for the truth sooner, all I could think was “Oh my Lord! He was innocent! All this time he was innocent! Dear God, forgive me! Forgive us!” Then of course learning what an incredible father he was and hearing Paris speak of her Daddy at the Memorial was all the proof anyone ever needed to see what an incredible human being he was.


I have since read everything about Michael Jackson I could get my hands on, some books twice, stacks of magazines, articles, the internet and thank God for You Tube. The truth is out there. You just have to keep and open mind and be wary of the slanderers. They still exist. I have this insatiable need to make up for lost time…yet at the same time an intense grief  knowing he is gone from this earth…what could have been? We will not have the chance to see him perform again. We will never see his next project come to perfect fruition…. but then he has given so much. He gave more than any one human seemed capable of giving. Where did all that come from? God simply lived in and through this great man as he emulated Jesus Christ and was not ashamed to give God credit.


His music is engrained in my life. I listen and learn more about him daily. I need my Michael fix. I can’t get enough of Michael Jackson. His incredible voice and musical genius fills every part of my life but what has changed my life forever is not just his genius, creative talent. What has changed my life was his ability to love beyond measure, to forgive and rise above all the ugliness. It was clearly evident he was so very deeply hurt, completely devastated by the accusations and slander. I am certain his death, beyond the unscrupulous, uncaring greed of doctor-pushers, is a result of the unbearable pain resulting from the horrific betrayals and salacious media lynching he experienced. It was just too easy for them! He was so kind and so giving that the ‘normal’ jaded humans walking this planet (like I was) could not believe he was really just that good, that kind, and that wonderful. To them it simply could not be reality. Hurt people, hurt and try to destroy what they don’t understand. That is just what they do. Michael loved the world and was trying to stop the hurt for all mankind, especially the children. He was our front man. That is just who he was and what he did, it was like breathing for him. Kindness, caring and respect was his life blood. It truly was a spiritual battle for Michael. Good against evil.


I have experienced long illnesses and death with both my father and mother. Fortunately I was blessed to have the time to say good bye and thank you. I was able to express to them in every possible way how deeply I loved and cared for them. We talked about our lives and forgave each other and loved on one another greatly. Then I was present as I watched each at their appointed time pass on from this world to be with the Lord. I arrogantly thought that I would never have to experience regret when a loved one passed away. With Michael’s death I have felt so much regret and shame. Michael, the kindest, strongest, most noble person to grace our planet, forgave and over came so very much, and sorrowfully, deeply regrettably, it was his death that pried open that clanged shut door to my heart. Michael who gave so very much in life continues to show love in death. He has given me a new outlook on life, a complete paradigm shift. I see people in a different light now, through the eyes of Michael. Michael taught me to love first, to look and listen to others with my heart, not with the pain of my past.





Michael Joseph Jackson will always be the
King of Music, King of Pop
and King of L.O.V.E.





NOTE: On December 11th I received a message from a fan named Teresa. She was writing a message to Michael for our message pages on MJ-Upbeat, but she also expressed very strong & painful feelings regarding this very issue above. Please read an excerpt from her message below:




To The Real Loyal Fans of MJ…..I am so happy that he had soo many loyal fans from all over the world…who stood by him through hard times. You struggled with him but fought till the end in 2005 especially, and also many MJ fans hate the fact that people like myself only became to love Michael after his death.

I wished I had known the true MJ before hand as well but I believed the tabloids and believed that he was a man that everyone should stay away from..but then he passed away, suddenly all the good things start to come out about him…his memorial also….many good friends talked of how down-to-earth and loving he is, and tributes, stories, songs everything were everywhere after he died it was then who people like myself became more interested in him, did some research, listened to his music, read his autobiography etc etc…
and realized that the Michael Jackson the tabloids talked about and the Real Michael Jackson aka Peter Pan :L were total opposites of each other..
I hope that MJ fans can relate to my story, and understand where I’m coming from…! :))
I would not like Michael to come back like many people would love..he’s too good for our planet…But I do hope that some day I get to meet him up above tell him how sorry I really am and how much I love him ….give him a hug, ….And not scream and shout at him, give ”Michael jackson” orders to dance and sing but to talk and have fun with the playful, and childlike like myself …Peter Pan that I love…..!!
I am really so sorry Mike, I hate myself for believing lies….I really wish I could have seen the good in you, I Hateee the Tabloids so much…!  I hope you will find it in your hearts (both Michael & the Fans) to see where I’m coming from and forgive me someday..! And When that happens someday, somewhere, sometime up there, I hope, I wish, I Dream to get a MJ Hug….! Pretty Please..? 😛
I Love You Mike soo much…..!!
…and I pray for your children, even though I know your taking good care of them yourself….!! ;)
Love from
Teresa…!! x.x.x


To read Teresa’s entire message to Michael, (It’s very loving), please click HERE)





From unikkani   /    December 13, 2009

I feel bad about myself since I started to pay attention to MJ after he passed, it was only after witnessing the outpouring of love from around the world when I realized MJ was special and that’s when I started to dig for more information about him. I must say my impression before was clouded by the tabloids and the media but after getting more info from various sources I realized what his true fans knew all along, that he was innocent, a great humanitarian and a pure angel plus a true genius.

I would like to thank the fans for spreading the truth about MJ coz that’s how I learned about his unmatched legacy, so your efforts are not futile.

To the haters, ignorance is a bad thing so please take sometime and get to know what you are talking about before you make your hateful unnecessary comments.

To the media, please swallow your pride and report the truth about MJ, the world has really changed the days when you were reporting and people took it as gospel are long gone. The internet is here and the truth is one click away. Now I know for some reasons only known to you, you misrepresented MJ and most people are finding out now and there is nothing you can do to stop it so just come clean and start to report the truth.

To MJ’s fans, you are the best and I am proud to be one of you. I feel like you are part of my family from all around the world. Please let’s keep his vision alive forever.

To “This Is Not It” fans, I feel your pain of losing MJ, I have watched This Is It film and to be honest that film is not fake. One can feel the true spirit of MJ in the theatre and it’s a pure masterpiece that has touched so many people around the world (I am one of them). If you have paid attention to the media, that film has changed the perception of so many people about MJ in the most honest way possible. So please just try to watch it with an open mind and I promise you will come out with the same conclusion.

I must say MJ’s death is a terrible loss to the world and it hurts deep, personally for me it hurts even more after realizing how he was/is misrepresented by the media and the haters, I can’t explain how I feel hence it’s unimaginable how he felt and how his family feels about all this saga.


What I have come to conclude is: people can crucify the Lord again. I once read somewhere that- the world has been a terrible place not because of evil people but because of good people standing by witnessing evil without doing something about it.


Just think about it….


– unikkani