Something to Think About: “One of our own”

This is exactly how the page was featured on Michael’s official web site, (MJJSource), back during the trial in 2005.

Thank you Karen Faye for posting my article. – Bonnie Lamrock

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My 12 year old daughter said something to me the other day that made me stop and think for a minute or two…

She said “Mom… When Michael Jackson is found innocent of all the things that are being said about him… it will hurt me a lot, but I don’t mind if he leaves America because it seems like a lot of the people here hurt him.”

Out of a 12 year old child I heard the echo of reality. Even ‘she’ could recognize it. I didn’t know quite what to say to her as my selfishness stepped in, I didn’t want to lose Michael Jackson but how can I ignore the way my own country is treating him?

Home of the free… free to be as the journalist’s that we are. Are there no limit’s? How free is free when we tear down one of our own?

The laws of the land we live by, proud to say in the eyes of justice “Innocent until proven guilty,” does not apply to a United States born hard working black male of Gary Indiana who has no doubtedly made an incredible positive impact for the world we live in.

“Guilty until Proven innocent” for Michael Jackson?  Why?



I told my daughter that unfortunately, a lot of people are confused about the justice system and sometimes think that they can judge someone without knowing all the facts. I told her that in America, there is a freedom of speech and that the media like to print lots of different stories which sometimes aren’t true, therefore people end up judging Michael and convicting him before the ‘JURY’ even has a chance too decide anything!

I also told her the way it’s SUPPOSED to be done… I told her that Michael Jackson is innocent! And he will remain innocent unless a jury says otherwise.

It was my daughter’s comments to me that inspired me to write this… I dream to see the day that our country can be free ‘AND’ fair… 

Bonnie Lamrock / MJ-Upbeat
March 14, 2005

This Article featured on MJJSource March 14, 2005

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