Regarding The Coroners Report On Michael Jackson

Diprivan,,,, A medicine only used in a hospital setting,, used for surgery…..That’s what Michael died from. He should ‘still’ be here.

I want to believe that whether I have a drug problem or not, my doctor won’t do anything to me that will take my life. I don’t care how much I make a fuss. I depend on my doctor for my life. Michael did too.

No doctor should do anything to ‘please’ his/her patient. That’s why they’re doctors……we look to them for relief whether it be pain relief, sleep, anxiety or anything else. I feel safe with my doctor,,,,,,,do you?

That’s the way it should be,,,,,,,feeling safe with putting your health and life in your doctors care,,,,, Taking that action should be a ‘given’ not a ‘gamble’.

Money,,,,,,influence,,,,,,it doesn’t matter what your status is, (and it shouldn’t), you should always be able to rely on your doctor. They’re given the ‘highest’ level of responsibility……… more than teachers, firemen, policemen, et. They are at the highest point of control on a human being’s life, that’s why we trust them.

We know they went to school for many, ‘many’ years……….we know they took the Hippocratic oath to honor and protect a life no matter how rich, poor, no matter what color, or religion,,,,the oath of a doctor is to ‘preserve’ life. (not to take a life).

Murder? I don’t know. …………

Was it intentional, I don’t think so. ………..

But Michael Jackson is not here right now, that I ‘do’ know. There was a BIG mistake made…..not only by Conrad Murray, but by ‘all’ of Michael’s doctors who ignored their oath to preserve life at all cost.

What would Michael want now regarding these doctors? That’s what hurts,,,,because I know he has such a special and loving heart that perhaps he would want no fault put upon anyone, but how can this be ignored?

There are doctors out there who treated Michael, and fed his addiction, who must learn that doing what they did is ‘not’ acceptable. My heart goes out to everyone involved, (including the doctors), but you must not take an oath to ‘preserve’ a life,,,,, then end up ‘destroying’ a life.

Perhaps these doctors need to be an example so that other celebrities can live. (not die)

I have full trust in the court system and hope that justice will be served. It ‘must’ be served, or other’s will follow in this path of destruction.

Michael Jackson will be missed terribly by so many….this just shouldn’t have happened.

Bonnie Lamrock