Negative Media

My Thoughts on ‘Negative’ Media

I’m no different than any other fan, when it comes to the curiosity of knowing what my favorite star is doing.

It’s natural to develop a ‘desire to inquire’. Especially if you’ve watched your favorite star grow up right before your eyes. And with today’s technology, there’s no doubt that a fan will have ‘more’ than enough information to find out what they need to know about their idol.

That’s a ‘good’ thing, right?

Well, maybe for ‘ us ‘ it is.  But is it fair to ‘them’?


 When ‘my’ favorite artist, (Michael Jackson), had dropped out of the spotlight, I could always count on my trusty tabloid newspaper to provide me with all the pictures I needed to satisfy my desire to know what Michael was up to. I was so hungry to see a picture or to hear some news. I missed Michael.

 Unfortunately, I started to notice that the only paper’s and magazine’s that featured stories about Michael during this time, were writing only ‘negative’ things about him, I knew that something was not right.

I found out later, that my instincts were correct and that most of these stories were ‘twisted’ or fabricated.


After shamefully buying these magazines’s for quite sometime, I had come to the realization that stars lives were being hurt much more than I had ever realized and their family’s lives as well.

I have learned that when a star chooses not to be in the spotlight anymore, they should be respected for their decision. I learned that whenever I bought a tabloid magazine, I was just as responsible for hurting them as the journalist who hides in bushes and peeks into their homes with no morals or respect.


It is during that private time in a stars life that a photograph or an article is in high demand. ‘This’ is where the difference comes into play between a ‘Tabloid’ newspaper and a ‘quality’ newspaper.

Morals, respect and ‘good taste’ is what it’s all about. A quality newspaper or magazine will respect the stars need for privacy and avoid printing garbage, but a ‘tabloid’ will grab at ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ to make money.


Money rises ‘above’ humanity. Tabloid journalists are the predators of the entertainment world. Sadly to say, in some cases they have infected the way people look at show business. Certain stars have become targeted victims and have lived tortured lives because of money hungry photographer’s and reporters stalking them for the almighty dollar. Taking what might be a simple ‘pimple’ and creating a story of ‘outrageous proportions’.

Imagine being a famous star, who wakes up one morning and reads that the ‘pimple’ on his face, is really an ‘Alien Embryo’ that has invaded his body, growing under his skin for the past 6 months?! Only the bizarre imagination of a tabloid reporter can think ‘THAT’ one up!!!

‘Compounding’ this situation and, making matters even ‘worse’ is the fact that this ‘fabricated’ story is plastered on the front page of every tabloid newspaper across the world!!!


Is this really fair to a star that has graced the world with his (or her) talents? Is ‘this’ how the media and tabloids thank them?


Imagine if ‘we’ had to live our lives like this every day?


This is what ‘Tabloid’ is all about! This is what ‘negative’ media is all about!


Give me a break!


I have learned my lesson. I understand what Michael Jackson talks about when he says to avoid tabloid trash.


Whenever we buy tabloids, we are telling them that they have done a ‘good job’! We’re telling them to “keep up the good work.”


Believe it or not, sometimes it is ‘still’ hard for me to walk away from a tabloid when I see a beautiful picture of Michael on it. I am tempted to buy the paper, (just for the picture) I’m not sure if any other fans have ever battled with this same temptation,,,, but its better that we remember the pain that our purchase will ultimately cause. I think if we all can be strong ‘together’, then we might get our point across, and maybe ‘someday’ the stars can get a break!


‘Protect Our Stars  – Avoid Tabloid Trash’!


A special thanks to the media who rise ‘above’ the level of tabloid tactics. The ‘quality’ and ‘excellence’ of your magazine’s and paper’s speak for themselves!

Very Sincerely,

Bonnie Lamrock