My Story About The Times I saw Michael Jackson

One of the lucky ones……

Hi, My name is Bonnie and I run the MJ web site: I’ve been running it for 8 years now, but before I started my web site, I worked for one of the largest excellent MJ sites in the UK….MJWN. They’re an amazing club and I was honored to be working there.

After a few months of working there is when I began to realize that I wanted to start my own site, I enjoyed every aspect of running a Michael Jackson web site…..and I knew that’s what I wanted to do….but my boss told me she had a surprise, (which she could not tell me yet) and that she would recommend that I stick around for a little while longer, so I did…..

Not 2 weeks later she announced that we would all be ‘working’ at Michael Jackson’s 45th Birthday party in LA!

We would also be assisting in the planning of some of the ideas for the party with the creators, MJFC.

I had remembered MJFC from when I went to the MJ Fan Celebration in 2002 in New York, (Webster Hall)…(they created that party at Webster Hall as well!) That’s one of the very first times I saw Michael!

We all had so much fun thinking of ideas for Michael’s 45th Birthday party,,,,,and then the day came for us all to meet in LA…I was finally meeting my boss and my team mates from MJWN. I traveled all the way across the country and they came all the way from the UK, all for the love of Michael. 🙂

We were instructed to wear specially made red jacket’s with the birthday party logo on it….and later, we got to keep them. I still have that jacket tucked away to this very day. Here’s a picture of my jacket: (Scroll down when you get there to see other shots of it)

I had many different jobs that day….I sold T-Shirts in the front lobby, I filmed a little, and then we realized that we were late in bringing the fan art backstage…..Michael was about to come on stage and make his speech….we had to rush and bring the art back stage as fast as we could.

I remember on my 3rd trip back stage the security told me to stop and wait. There were a lot of security. I stood there and waited and that’s when I saw Michael walking past……….I almost fainted.   It was all so quick….but I’ll never forget it. Below are some links of my video of Michael’s Birthday Party on youtube…..I took some footage and my daughter took footage when I was working.

There is also footage of the time I saw Michael in New York at the 30th Fan celebration at Webster Hall. I was given a press pass by MJFC and got to film at the foot of the stage,,,so close to Michael,,,but I was still being pushed around by the media so even though I was close to MJ, the footage is really shakey.

The last footage is when I went to see him in Gary Indiana in 2003. That’s the worst footage because the fans we’re all screaming and pushing each other…..I don’t blame them. 🙂

Thanks for listening……I hope you enjoy my video footage below. I know how blessed I was to have been able to be that close to Michael and I will truly miss him forever as I know you will too.

Love Always,

Bonnie Lamrock /