Michael Jackson Fans & The Conrad Murray Trial

Michael Jackson fans have been waiting as patiently as they can for justice for the murder of Michael, and with the investigation coming to a close, our hopes are getting higher by the minute, but I somehow have a feeling fans will be greatly disappointed with the outcome of any trial that may come to be. I have a sneaking suspicion that Conrad Murray will get a slap on the wrist for taking the life of Michael Jackson.

The law in the end will decide what is justice for Michael but will it be fair? I have a feeling it won’t.

A life is gone, such a serious crime, yet I feel Mr. Murray will ultimately go on with his life feeling only a smidgen of the pain the world has felt. Will he even serve time? Gosh, I wonder. I certainly hope so.

Did Conrad Murray kill Michael on purpose? No, I don’t think so, but he did ultimately take a human life and I feel there must be consequences, not just a slap on the wrist either. He killed someone. How can he walk free? Shame on the American justice system if that becomes so!

I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like for the doctors out there in this world who have taken a life by mistake and feel ‘real’ remorse. Remorse is showing your regret, remorse is apologizing to the people you hurt, remorse is acknowledging what you did and making amends to as many people as you can to ease the pain.

The doctors who feel ‘real’ remorse must live in agony over the mistake they made. My heart goes out to them, but not for Mr. Murray, because he has shown no remorse. Where is his apology to the world? He took the man we love. Some of us loved Michael for a lot more than just his music. I’m one of them!

If Murray ends up doing a public apology later I’m not so sure I’m going to trust it. I think it will be on the advice of his attorney’s for ‘damage’ control looking for mercy from the world. I would wonder why he waited, why not sooner? Did he need to think about it? If he’s sorry why not speak up now? Come clean and free your soul Mr. Murray!

I pray that Mr. Murray spares us all the pain of a trial by admitting his guilt and ultimately spares poor Michael from being RAPED in the media as a trial will most surely do. He’s already taken Michael’s life, please spare him his dignity, let the man rest in peace.


In the end, ultimately Conrad will have to answer to God.


I think the fans need to brace themselves for a GREAT amount of pain if Mr. Conrad Murray chooses to defend his actions and goes to trial. This trial will be more painful than anything we’ve ever experienced when it concerns Michael. There will be many things said about Michael that will be extremely hurtful. I know we’ve been through it all before with painful rumors but this time it’s different. Our man is gone and we’re still suffering from our loss. (that will never end).

The defense attorneys will be accusing Michael of so many things I’m sure. It will also be very painful to be constantly reliving Michael’s last days in that house, his last moments in time, but this will happen whether it’s a ‘closed’ courtroom or an open courtroom and as you know the media will be right on top of this story front and center.

If Mr. Murray pleads no contest and admits to this crime perhaps a trial can be avoided, but if not, then we can only brace ourselves and pray that in the end, there will be some form of justice equal to the crime.


It will be a very difficult time for all of Michael’s fans.


Hang in there, we’re in for a long and bumpy road, but we have each other.


– Bonnie Lamrock


Email: BonnieLamrock@aol.com

My opinion: I think Conrad Murray should plead guilty and own up. He should also apologize to the world and especially to Michael’s Mother & Children. He should show some humility and sadness for what he’s done and accept whatever sentencing the law sees fit. (though I know it won’t be much).

I know he didn’t mean to do it, but he has shown no regret or sadness nor admitted his wrongdoing.