Michael Jackson Didn’t Have Plastic Surgery On His Heart

Michael didn’t have plastic surgery on his heart……..it’s the very same heart we knew when he was a child. He’s still Michael Jackson nomatter what.

We all change physically whether it be from natural changes or from man made changes but we’re still ‘us’ inside.

All we ever seem to hear about concerning Michael Jackson’s face is:

“How many cosmetic Surgeries did he have”? “What did he have done”? & “Why did he do what he did”? (Like it’s really any of our concern anyway….)

but I suppose the curiosity gets the better of some people and they just ‘need’ to know.

Some people, (not all people), seem to feel that Michael Jackson had too much plastic surgery.

Michael’s plastic surgery is the topic of conversation on talk shows, radio shows, tabloid TV and even prime-time TV! His plastic surgery has become quite the ratings booster for MANY.

For some people its pure curiosity, for others, it’s ratings, others money, and so on.

There are journalist’s out there who have devoted their lives to pursuing Michael much like an obsessed fan would pursue a star. (Only in ‘this’ case they’re getting paid.)

What troubles me deeply about the media and Michael Jackson is when it concern’s OTHER people.

Why is it that plastic surgery seems to be portrayed in a more ‘positive’ light on every other TV show ‘except’ when it’s about Michael? They’re calling plastic surgery the rage. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. They’re even creating reality TV from it and ‘encouraging’ it every chance they can get! A ‘nip’ here, a ‘tuck’ there. It’s the quick solution for everything it seems. The ‘cool’ thing to do.

I sometimes wonder why Michael was portrayed to be a sick individual for the reason’s he got his surgery, yet nowadays if someone ELSE gets the same thing for the exact same reason, they’re embraced and supported?!

This is confusing to me…………

Many people on these reality TV shows are not only going in for one plastic surgery, but for ‘many’ surgeries, including a nose job, tummy tucks, eyelids et. and the world is embracing them.

Then I have to ask myself this last very important question……..

How would the world feel about these people they’re embracing and supporting on these shows if the surgeries went wrong and the person didn’t turn out as expected? Perhaps when the bandages came off, there was a mistake and the person’s face appeared unacceptable to what society considered ‘normal’? Would we still embrace that person? or would we do what we did to Michael Jackson and begin to make fun of them and criticize them?

Why is Michael any different from the people on these reality shows and why does he deserve to be called names if his surgery didn’t come out the way people think is ‘normal’?

Why do WE have a right to choose what’s normal? What gives us the right to make fun of him and what gives us the right to know how many surgeries he had? Does HE have any right to know ‘OUR’ business concerning what goes on at OUR doctor’s office?? NO.

What would be the harm in Michael wanting to try and make himself look better if he wasn’t pleased with how he looked? What if that’s all he was doing just like these other people who we seem to embrace so freely? And should all people be criticized and dragged through the mud for how they look if the situation were reversed?

What hurts me even more is why would the world make fun of Michael and harass him ESPECIALLY if they suspect the results were not what he would have wanted? Wouldn’t that be an ESPECIALLY cruel and inhumane thing to do?

Why would he need anymore pain? Why would the world want to do that to someone who might already be hurting? What kind of world do we live in? Really?

I feel sorry for my kids and all the children of the world if this is what they will be growing up to.

The strangest thing of all is that I have seen Michael Jackson up close in person and believe him to be a beautiful looking man. I’m not the only person who feels this way. I receive fan mail from women all across the world who feel as I do.

I would encourage people to not form judgment on anything concerning Michael Jackson unless they know first hand the facts. Photographs are easily altered and tabloids will always choose the worst photos to get their point across. So unless you’ve seen Michael Jackson in person you might want to reserve your judgment.

We see now by all these plastic surgery reality shows that there are many reason’s why people have plastic surgery’s. Day by day we seem to understand more clearly the reason’s why people make these choices. Many have heartfelt stories behind their decisions, but it’s not fair to single out one person or another and tear them down simply because ‘we’re’ not happy with their results.

There’s no place in this world for ridicule and condemnation. We wouldn’t like it if it were done to us.

Very, VERY, Sincerely,

Bonnie Lamrock,

Boston, MA./ www.mj-upbeat.com