Memories Of Love / Michael Jackson: An Innocent Man With A Gift

This article was written by me, (Bonnie Lamrock) in 2003. I’ve left the article as is without updating so you can get a feel for what I was feeling back then. Sadly Michael passed away 6 years after I wrote this. 🙁

On the subject of children, I do not look at Michael Jackson as a gender, but as a ‘human being’ who has been given a gift within. A gift so unique and special that to keep it to himself  would be a waste of a treasure; sadly this world does not see what I see.

The old adage of one bad apple spoiling it for the rest is very true and so it goes, Michael and our future children must suffer for the criminal actions of other’s.

The innocent and healing love that Michael has to offer will always be scrutinized, but the memories of the good times will never leave the hearts of the children he has helped nor will they leave Michael’s heart for as long as he lives.

Bringing smiles to the children who are seriously ill cannot be understood fully unless you have a child who is very sick.

It’s a difficult time in a child’s life but also for the family involved.

Imagine if you’re a child who is aware of your illness, trying to be strong for your family, (which a lot of them do),  feeling like there’s no hope, ‘THEN’, suddenly you look up from your hospital bed and it your Idol!  It’s Michael Jackson!

Michael goes far beyond just ‘going through the door. He takes each child into his heart ‘personally’,  (as well as the family.)

(Sometimes I thinks he derives ‘more’ pleasure from bringing happiness to sick children than he does with Dancing!)  He just seem’s so caught up with caring for each and every person as if they were his own child.

Some of these children he visits eventually get better. But then there are the children who are no longer with us.

The children who died of cancer and aids, among other diseases.

Michael was there with them too. Making them smile as their tiny life reached the end. He was there to cry with them, and sing to them. Then,,,to sing ‘for’ them at their final day of rest.

He walked with them, while we were ‘not’ there, we did ‘not’ know the feelings Michael felt. Only ‘Michael’ did, (and so did that very special child)

These were fortunate children to have shared in the gift of Michael Jackson, and vise / versa.

Michael has traveled an incredible journey of love that we cannot even begin to know about.

The world and the media does not know nor understand Michael’s gift with children because a man like Michael Jackson does not come around very often.

It’s strange for the media to understand what Michael’s all about so they immediately interpret the worst for ‘lack of knowledge’, then it seems like everyone else joins on the bandwagon and so it all begins with the media ‘rampage’, the extortion’s and so on,,,,,,

I’m proud to be one of Michael’s fans who understands the exceptional, unique and gifted person that he is. I know how lucky we are to have him in this world and I feel terrible for all the people who don’t understand him, They are missing out on a genuine and beautiful gift.

I know Michael will continue to carry his memories of love for all the children he has helped throughout the years. He has made a big difference in their lives, a ‘BIG’ difference!

Had Michael not been there for the children of ‘yesterday’,,,,,

Their lives would have ended in a much different way.

What an incredible journey you’ve traveled Michael!  Why should you be penalized for choosing a road that brought joy and love to other’s?

I love you dearly for what you’ve done for this world, and for all you ‘will’ do. I’m proud to be your fan.

Hang in there and ‘Fight With All Your Might’!!!

Soon we’ll all be looking back at this as a distant memory.

Love Bonnie Lamrock/ / 2003