Conrad Murray What The Heck Are You Doing To Us?!

Is this really happening with Murray and his lawyers? I mean ‘who’s’ running the show here? Off, on, off, on, Murray you seem to be the king in command. I feel like we’re the kitty and you’re the one holding the cat toy dangling it around for us in a teasing fashioned. Is this the way it’s supposed to be?

The LAPD & the district attorney’s arguing? come on now, this isn’t a game. United we stand, divided we fall but I don’t see the law standing very united right now. Murray’s attorney’s must be laughing under their breath. Shame, shame, shame.

Murray is aware that this needs to get done, so let’s get it done. What’s with the games? He’ll be free on bail almost immediately anyway so why torture us all?

I’ve gotten a few comment’s on my facebook to lay off Conrad Murray regarding my anticipation on his arrest. The person mentioned Michael Jackson’s words of LOVE and also that I should forgive. I agree that I should love and I also agree that I should forgive, but I feel that there should be consequences here on earth otherwise the world would be run amuck with craziness. (even more than it already is!)

The person mentioned about God, but I also feel that God helps those who help themselves and we must help to make sure this doesn’t happen again, this in turn will be helping our world and protect other stars who entrust doctors who are star struck and money hungry.

Sadly, doctors are WELL protected in today’s society and Mr. Murray’s case probably won’t be any deterrence for future doctors who want to make a buck abusing their high power of authority.

I wish so badly that Mr. Murray would get the proper punishment for what he’s done but I don’t see that happening. I’m not trying to be judge and jury, I’m just worried for the people who will fall victim in the future by other doctors acts of carelessness.  If these doctors continue to get off Scott free they will most assuredly continue to take risks with their patients.

Michael deserves to have justice and although I have a feeling Michael might have forgiven Murray by now, we still need to protect the patients of the future. If Mr. Murray is sad for what he did, then my heart goes out to him, it really does, but there’s no need of this yo yo stuff going on. He needs to go and surrender now and stop playing like this.

Murray, please do us all a favor and stop playing games. Haven’t you hurt us enough?


Let Monday ‘REALLY’ be the day.


UPDATE: Today is Monday, (February 8) and Murray did indeed surrender.

He’s in the court house as I’m typing this. The Jackson family is in there as well. We’re waiting for them to exit the court house to find out how things went, but we pretty much know Murray is pleading ‘not guilty’. Then we figure he will pay bail and walk free until a trial date.

Gotta go…….I’m still watching. 😉


Thank you for reading my article.


– Bonnie Lamrock