Are MJ Fans Obsessed?

– (I wrote this article during Michael’s trial back in 2005) – Bonnie Lamrock  MJ-UPBEAT.COM

So,,, Are MJ Fans Obsessed?

I think I can answer that better than any Diane Dimond or college professor and though I may not have a degree in psychiatry or tabloid journalism, I ‘do’ know something about Michael’s fans.

After opening a Michael Jackson fan site in 2003 my life has changed in ways I could have never imagined. Receiving emails and making contact with hundreds of Jackson fans from around the world I now have an even deeper respect for Michael Jackson.

The impact Michael has made to this world goes far beyond what the media will ever know. This trial is causing many people to come forward with how Michael has changed their life, even saved lives for many!  If the world only knew of the thousands of other people that Michael has affected in the most profound and positive ways they might only ‘begin’ to understand why Michael is loved so much.

I have seen fans express many degrees of love for Michael and I have taken the time to learn the reason’s behind their love. I don’t think the critics have ever taken the time to listen to the fans, nor do I think they care. If they ‘did’ listen, they might realize that Michael is a good and loving man.

If Michael Jackson fans are acting a bit different from other fans, I think it’s because they’re being forced to defend the man they admire from headlines so disgusting they should be ‘censored’! Not just once a week or twice a week but every day! It’s not fair to Michael and it’s not fair to his fans. Maybe if the media would stop terrorizing him then the fans could relax and enjoy him rather than defend him all the time. (And the media really wonders why MJ fans are sometimes uptight?!!)

The coming months the fans will be supporting Michael Jackson in every way they can. Michael Jackson fans are not violent people and they demonstrate in peace. Any one who becomes violent is not representing Michael Jackson. The majority of Michael Jackson fans are peaceful people looking for justice for Michael. They should not be criticized for expressing their belief.

The crowds at the court house aren’t ‘only’ Michael Jackson fans. The ‘opposers’ certainly aren’t criticized or called freaks for what they believe in. Michael Jackson fans deserve the same respect.

So my answer to whether Michael Jackson fans are obsessed:

No! Absolutely not. The majority of Michael Jackson fans are normal human beings who are simply standing up for justice.