A 15yr old Boston Student’s Report on MJ

My favorite music artist is Michael Jackson.

Now I know you may be thinking, “Why Michael Jackson?” Well there’s a good reason.

It was about 5 years ago. I was eleven years old at the time and still in elementary school. My mom’s friend Rashid had brought over some music video tapes of Michael Jackson, and like many other people, I saw him and laughed. I said he looked like a white person. I made fun of my sister for a while and said she was stupid for liking him.

But one day I sat down and started to watch a collection of tapes my mother had on him. The tapes showed me that he had real talent, so I started getting into him a little bit. I went out and bought his ‘Thiller’ CD and was playing it every chance I could. By the end of the first year I memorized all of his songs from his 1st CD with his brother’s, to his present CD. I knew them all.

Through the years I read books on him. Watched movies of his life, and as I learned more about him I began to see what other’s didn’t. I saw a man who cared for nature and world peace. A man who had amazing dancing, songwriting, singing and drawing skills. A man who for some reason was being portrayed as a “whacko jacko’ in the tabloids and a man who didn’t deserve that kind of mistreatment.

I mean,,,”Why should anyone be judged by their looks?” “It’s not right.”

When people judge people by their looks it isn’t fair to the person or the judger’s.

If people really looked beyond Michael’s looks and took time to find out about him they would find out that Michael Jackson has done so much good for the world. He has donated million’s to charities, built many rehabilitation center’s for cancer patient’s and sick children. He established a ‘Heal The World Foundation’ to save rainforest’s. And he sings songs about world peace, making changes, and world hunger.

Michael Jackson has done so much that this world just doesn’t know about. People only see what is posted in tabloids and magazine’s. They don’t get to see the quiet, peaceful person he really is.

I’m glad I took the time to find out about him because he has been a great influence on my life. His music helps me through hard times and I am inspired by his lyrics.

Without him my life would be different. And this is why Michael Jackson is my favorite music artist. & remember,,,,,”Inquire’ before you judge!!

April, Boston MA