Today In Michael Jackson History (July 26th)

1991 – Michael & Emmanuel Lewis visit the “Community Youth Sports & Art Foundation” Center in Los Angeles, California, (charity addressing drug abuse problems and approaching relief programs for families with gang members), talks to the children there, offers them financial support and a wide-screen television set.


1968 – The Jackson 5ive were officially signed to Motown Records during a meeting with Joe Seltzer. Michael Jackson was just 9 years old.

After seeing the video tape of J5’s performance, Berry Gordy immediately decided to sign the group to his prestigious label.

Gordy was especially taken with young Michael. His early mastery of the moves of James Brown is incredible. He duplicates his idol’s steps perfectly.
This eager, unjaded nine-year-old, only months away from the end of his childhood–a childhood he would pursue for the rest of his life–charmed Gordy with his dancing ability & the emotion with which the 9 year old sang.

“This little kid had an incredible knowingness about him that really made me notice. He sang his songs with such feeling, inspiration and pain – like he had experience of everything he was singing about.” Gordy recalls.

Although he and Joe Jackson signed a contract on July 26, the group’s existing contract with Steeltown had to be dealt with before the new one could be considered legal.


1974 – Jackson 5ive in Concert, Buffalo (New York)

1988 – Michael performs Bad World Tour in Cardiff, Wales, at Cardiff Arms Park.


1997 – “The Best of Michael Jackson And The Jackson 5” hit #5 in the U.K.


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