Today In Michael Jackson History (July 25th)

2010 – Billie Jean and Thriller versions of the official Michael Jackson dolls went on sale. Two more versions, Beat It and Moonwalk, were scheduled to be released around Christmas 2010 (London).


1971 – The Jackson 5ive perform at Detroit Olympia Stadium.

The Jackson 5ive perform at Chicago International Amphteathre.

Michael perform to a 40,000 fans at a concert in Lansdowne Road sports stadium (Dublin, Ireland), during the first leg of his Dangerous World Tour. While on tour he announces a donation of 400,000 pounds, out of his concert earnings, to various charities there. A delay provoked by a malfunction before his Dangerous Tour concert in Leeds, UK, leads to the singer being fined by a national council with 60,000 pounds, that are paid by Jackson to a music charity fund.

After his hugely successful first solo tour Bad, the star claimed that he would not tour again, and would instead concentrate on making films and records. On February 3, 1992 in a Pepsi press conference, Michael made a announcement stating that he would be touring again:

The only reason I am going on tour is to raise funds for the newly-formed Heal the World Foundation, an international children’s charity, that I am spearheading to assist children and the ecology. My goal is to gross $100 million by Christmas 1993. I urge every corporation and individual who cares about this planet and the future of the children to help raise money for the charity. The Heal the World Foundation will contribute funds to paediatric AIDS in honour of my friend, Ryan White. I am looking forward to this tour because it will allow me to devote time to visiting children all around the world, as well as spread the message of global love, in the hope that others will be moved to do their share to help heal the world.

Michael Jackson performs HIStory World Tour in Basel, Switzerland, at Saint Jakob Stadium, attending 40,000.


1998 Michael attends the Kick Boxing Champion All-Star Match.


1998 During a press conference held in Japan, Michael Jackson announces the creation of ‘Michael Jackson Japan Company Ltd.’.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have joined forces with Prosperity Enterprise Corporation to develop a number of global family-oriented entertainment-driven-themed attractions in Japan and around the world…not just Japan, but this is going to be around the world…to develop a billion-dollar business. ‘Michael Jackson Japan Company Ltd.’ has been formed,”

the singer declares.


Michael, Grace and the kids, stop by London where Michael meets Mohamed Al Fayed & Prince Naseem.


2005 Sony releases the live concert DVD Michael Jackson Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour.

The concert took place during Jackson’s first leg on his Dangerous World Tour on October 1, 1992 at the Bucharest National Stadium, with a sold-out attendance of 70,000. This concert is the only concert by Jackson that has been officially released on DVD in the United States.

All the footage in this version is from the Bucharest concert. The version that appears on the DVD was broadcast on HBO in 1992, which became the highest audience in the channel’s history for a single broadcast.

The DVD has sold over a million copies worldwide & certified 6x Platinum in US alone.


1995 – Michael Jackson attends a packed press conference at the Bryant Park Grill in New York City, NY to announce the 1995 MTV Video Music Award Nomination together with Mayor Rudolf Giuliani.


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    Michael Jackson is definitely the king. When i listen his tracks i feel like he is still alive. Unquestionably one of the most significant pop music celebrities ever been born!

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    I have watched Bucharest dozens of times but didn’t realize it was released in 2005. Interesting in light of that being the year of the trial. ???

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