Today In Michael Jackson History (July 23rd)

1984 – The Jacksons concert their Victory Tour at Jacksonville [Florida, USA] by Gator Bowl, attending 45,000.


1968 – The Jackson 5 give an audition to Motown at the Hittsville Studio in Detroit.

On July 23, 1968, at around 10 a.m., the band’s audition in Detroit was videotaped. Although the record company’s president, Berry Gordy, was not present, several members of Motown’s creative department were there to witness.

After performing an impressive set with James Brown’s then current hit “I Got the Feelin'” and “Who’s Lovin’ You”, the audition tape was sent to Gordy two days later, whereupon he immediately decided to sign the group to his prestigious label.

“I canceled the Frost show, Bobby Taylor wanted to take us to Motown to audition, and we decided to go. We’ve all been sleeping on the floor at Bobby’s. The boys have already auditioned — Motown even filmed it. We haven’t been offered a contract yet, but, judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces, Kate, I know it’s going to happen!”
Joe explained excitedly.



1984 – Michael Jackson is on People magazine.


1984 – Michael Jackson is on McLean’s magazine.

1984 – Michael Jackson is on Sound Magazine.


1988 – Bad World Tour London [England, U.K.] Wembley Stadium, attending 72,000.


1994 – Michael Jackson is on Derniere Heure Magazine


1994 –  Le Lundi Magazine.


1998 – Disneyland Paris announced that August 17, 1998 would be the last day that Michael Jackson’s Captain EO will be shown.


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