Today In Michael Jackson History (July 14th)

1984 The Jacksons, performing at Jacksonville, Florida entertain eight children suffering from incurable diseases. 14-year-old Malanda Cooper, a young victim who only has a short time to live, writes the Major asking to see Michael. Michael meets her backstage prior to the performance. Later, 700 disadvantaged children were treated to the show.
During the second concert in Irving, Dallas (Texas), guitarist Eddie Van Halen makes a guest appearance. on Friday night Van Halen, who is in town for his own concert Saturday night, joins Michael on stage to play his guitar solo on “Beat It” during. The concert attended by Prince & Emmanuel Lewis among others.

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1972 – The Jackson 5 play at Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio.

1973 The Jackson 5 play at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut.

1974 The Jackson 5 play the last of seven nights at the Circle Star Theatre, San Carlos, California.


1988 Michael makes his first UK appearance as a solo artist when he steps on stage at a sold-out Wembley Stadium, London. By the time he leaves on 11 September, he will have been seen by three-quarters of a million fans, generating £13m in box office receipts.


1999 Michael, Grace and the kids go to Sun City.


2002 Michael Jackson was knocked to the ground by a mob of fans at London’s Paddington station.


2006 A civil court awarded a former Michael Jackson adviser $900,000 and awarded Jackson $200,000 in a cross-complaint. The suit stemmed from F. Marc Schaffel’s complaint that he had not been paid for his work on two Jackson videos.


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