Today In Michael Jackson History (July 3rd)

1988 – Michael meets Siegfried & Roy backstage before the Bad World Tour concert, in Cologne, Germany.

Siegfried :“Michael, he was always interested in magic. We were just talking about how we designed magic in our show — he was in love with our show.” “He was a good, good friend, one of the finest entertainers. He wrote music for us when we really needed him to do that.” Jackson’s unreleased “Mind Is Magic” is the Siegfried & Roy theme song, and his was the final voice heard in the S&R performances at The Mirage.“I remember us talking to him about needing a song, and he just said, ‘Let me write it,’ no questions asked,” Siegfried said, shaking his head. “It was such a gesture of friendship.” Jackson was one of the duo’s biggest celebrity fans, a frequent visitor to the show, where he was dually enamored of the entertainers’ white tigers and trailblazing illusions onstage.

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