Today In Michael Jackson History (June 30th)

1974 – The Jackson 5 perform in Chicago, at Illinois Mill Run Theater (7 shows)


1975 – The Jackson 5 announced that they were leaving Motown for Epic. They changed their name to the Jacksons since Motown owned the name the Jackson 5.

The Jackson family, minus Jermaine, held a press conference at the Rockefeller Center’s Rainbow Room on June 30, 1975, to announce their new contract with Epic.

Jermaine’s position in the group was still in question, though they were hoping he would ultimately side with them.

Earlier that week, Motown’s lawyers informed them that they held the copyright to the name “Jackson 5″, and threatened to sue if that name was used at all.

The group soon decided to use the name “The Jacksons”.

The Jacksons counter-sued the label for the right to leave the label.

Jermaine remained at Motown as a solo artist he was released from his contract upon request in August 1983, in time for him to rejoin his brothers for their Victory album and tour.

Little brother Randy, performing as a non-official member since 1972, stepped in to become the fifth official Jackson, while Marlon took over Jermaine’s existing lead vocal spots in their older songs.


1992 – Michael Jackson performs his Dangerous World Tour at Rotterdam [The Netherlands] Feyenoord Stadium.



2005 – Michael, Grace & the kids leave Paris and go to Manama, the capital of Bahrain as guests to Prince Abdullah (a friend of Jermaine).


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