Today In Michael Jackson History (June 17th)

2010 – Katherine Jackson does interview with Marc Schaffel in order to promote her new book “Never Can Say Goodbye : The Katherine Jackson Archives”


1989 Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues is the number one best selling video cassette on Billboard’s Top Video Cassette Sales chart, replacing Michael’s own video, Moonwalker.


2002 Michael leaves the Renaissance Hotel in mid-afternoon for a business meeting with Mohammed Al Fayed. After the meeting he visits Al Fayed’s store, Harrods, then returns to the hotel just before seven in the evening. Michael later meets with Adrian Grant, to sign a batch of limited edition prints, and to discuss a new book project.

1973 – Michael attends the wedding of Tito & Delores (Dee Dee) Martes in LA.

2005 Michael’s passport is returned to him as well as his $3 million bail.


2009 John Branca meets with Michael & Frank Dileo during rehearsals at The Forum and they talk about working together again.


1995 – “Scream” began its 17-week residence on the Billboard Charts on this day.


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  1. corlista June 17, 2014 at 9:45 PM - Reply

    Scattered thoughts. The Legend Continues – I love this vid. I’m going to check Amoeba in Hollywood next week when I get there to see if they have any copies I can buy. The 2005 entry that Michael was given his passport & bond back made my heart ache. The meeting of JB & FD w/ Michael on this day in 2009 made me so SAD! In just over a week he was gone. I don’t care if anyone agrees with me or not but I believe if Michael had been in their hands earlier, we never would have lost him. :-(((

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