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1975 – ‘Moving Violation’ by The Jackson 5, released on May 15 during a period of discontent in the Jackson family towards Motown, enters both the Black and Pop albums charts peaking at numbers 6 and 36 respectively. It remains on the Pop charts for fifteen weeks. This will be the last Jackson 5 album released by Motown – all subsequent releases are compilations of earlier recordings.


1992 Michael is on the cover of The News Of The World magazine.


2002 In London, Michael visits the Houses of Parliament accompanied by Uri Geller and magician David Blaine. On arrival he is met by Labour Party Peer Lord Janner who has invited him to come along and join in the birthday celebration for Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Paul Boateng, the first black minister in the Cabinet. The House of Lords is Michael’s favourite room. He points at the gold throne and says: “I want that.” However, he was less impressed by the seats in the Commons chamber, sitting on one and asking: “Are they comfortable after hours and hours?” Boateng later says of Michael’s visit, “What a fantastic birthday surprise. I can’t believe it! It’s the best present ever. I can’t believe that I’m with the most famous musician”

Michael leaves Paddington Station, London, on a train ride to Exeter with Uri Geller, magician David Blaine and 200 fans at 12.30pm. Reuters describes the event as bedlam, saying that the scene at the station was “Pure chaos, recalling Beatlemania back in the Sixties.” Tickets for the journey were priced at £100 each, including travel in luxury first class seats and access to the benefit concert at St James’ Park, home of Exeter City Football Club, which Michael was also attending.

On his arrival in Exeter, Michael is first taken to a hotel then later to St James’ Park where 10,000 had gathered for this fund raising event, organised to raise money for the football club and two charities aimed at combating Aids and malaria.

Michael attends a charity fundraiser at Exeter City FC organised by Uri Geller.


2005 Michael’s brothers, Jermaine and Tito Jackson, are interviewed on MSNBC. They speak of their joy and belief in Michael as well as praising the jury for the great job they did and that “they did the right thing”. On Michael’s reaction to the verdict, Jermaine says: “He was strong … very strong … he’s been tremendously strong. He wants to really, really, thank his supporters around the world … the fans and the people who love my brother and love the family and have always supported us from the very beginning. He’s been 1,000% innocent and that shows today. It’s been a long, long struggle and a tough road but being a family and staying together we can overcome anything and that’s what we’ve proved. Thank you and thank everyone who’ve really believed in us and we know the ones who didn’t and said this and that … that’s not what it’s about. We thank god, we thank the people who have been there and who know who we really are and so I’ll say again, thank you to the world.” On what may happen next for Michael, Tito says: “Michael can go on with his life and do what he does best: making good music, making his fans happy, making people happy all over the world, and that’s what it’s about … Michael’s resting and enjoying his family, his children – taking it easy today.”


2005 Michael, Grace and the kids leave Neverland and go to San Diego to stay at Deepak Choprah’s.

2006 Michael, Anton, Grace & the kids go to Disneyland Paris where they check in the New York.


2009 Michael Jackson’s glove for his upcoming ’This Is It’ tour will be designed and created by La Crasia Gloves in New York. “They sent us a tracing of his right hand and we’re making some samples for him to choose from,” said Jay Ruckel, the firm’s master cutter.


2010 Attorney General Brown ask Judge Pastor to revoke Dr. Murray’s medical licence. Murray’s defense team brings up the plane incident where Dr. Murray helped a patient, adding that there’s no need to suspend his licence. Judge Pastor doesn’t suspend Dr. Murray’s medical license refuses to overturn the decision made by the last judge to hear the case Judge Pastor says “I don’t have ability to revisit the actions of one of my colleagues. I do not have jurisdiction to revisit this matter. It doesn’t have anything to do with how I feel or what I think. It has to do with the law and this court’s ability to follow the law”.

Katherine, Joe, La Toya, Tito, Jermaine and his wife and his son (Jermaine Jr) attend the hearing.
The preliminary hearing date has been set for August 23


2010 Michael is inducted into the Apollo Theater’s Hall Of Fame in NYC. Jamie Foxx introduces Michael’s induction and Chris Tucker accepts Michael’s award on behalf of his family and children.


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