Today In Michael Jackson History (May 30th)

2000 – Michael Jackson’s album “Dangerous” is certified 7X Platinum by the RIAA.

(Dangerous Live In Munich Below)


2003 – Michael Jackson attends a party at Robert Evan’s house to celebrate Bret Ratner’s Hillhaven Lodge: The Photo Book Pictures” book launch. Bret Ratner is the director of “Rush Hour” and “Red Dragon”. Later that same night, Michael shows up at a MTV Movie Awards post party at Ron Burkle’s Beverly Hills Mansion where he meets Puff Daddy and Paris Hilton among others.


1988 – ‘Captain EO Backstage’ is aired in America. The TV special produced by MKD Productions is directed by Muffett Kaufman and hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. It goes behind the scenes of Captain EO, showing dance rehearsals, make-up, special effects, and features interviews with cast, writers and the director.

‘Captain EO’  is a 3-D science fiction film starring Michael, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas that first premiered as an attraction at Disneyland, California in 1986. It was George Lucas who came up with the name ‘Captain EO’ from the Greek cf. Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn.

The film tells the story of ‘Captain EO’, played by Michael and the ragtag crew of his spaceship, who journey to a faraway world on a mission to use Captain EO’s power of music and light to overthrow the evil witch queen who rules her world with an iron fist. (MJWN)


1992 –  “In The Closet” reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100


1993 – ‘Will You Be There’, the eighth single from the ‘Dangerous’ album enters the charts at number 11 peaking at number 9 and remains on the charts for eight weeks.

1970 – “The Love You Save” by the Jackson 5 enters the Billboard US Hot 100 singles chart where it will peak at the No.#1 Position.


2006 – Michael Jackson takes his kids and his nanny Grace to Tokyo Disneyland.

2007 – A collection of almost 2000 Michael related items dating from the mid-1960’s to the early ’90’s goes to auction in the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.


1992 – Michael Jackson’s single “In The Closet” hit #6 in the U.S.


2013 – Cirque du Soleil opens the first of four nights of the Michael Jackson “THE IMMORTAL” International Tour performance at the Marine Messe Fukuoka in Fukuoka, Japan.


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  1. mawson July 10, 2014 at 1:05 PM - Reply

    MJ is definitely the king. Anytime i listen to his songs i feel like he is still alive. Unquestionably one of the biggest pop music stars ever been born!

  2. Patti/San Diego May 30, 2017 at 10:46 PM - Reply

    That was pretty awesome, I’ve never seen this before. Hope this is on youtube. thanks Bonnie ;)<3

    • Bonnie Lamrock May 31, 2017 at 12:23 PM - Reply

      You’re welcome Patti. 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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