Today in Michael Jackson HIStory (May 8th)


1997 – Michael flies back to Europe to attend a midnight private presentation of his Ghosts short film at the Cannes Film Festival with Stan Winston & Tarak Ben Ammar among others.


1970The album ABC is released and it becomes number 1!


1971  – The Jackson 5 single “Never Can Say Goodbye” hit #2 in the U.S.


1971 – The Jackson 5 album “Maybe Tomorrow” hit #11 in the U.S.


1984 –  Michael attends a performance of Cats.

1990 – To celebrate its 50th anniversary the BMI presented the first Michael Jackson award. Michael Jackson received the first award.


1996  – Michael makes a break in the Ghost shooting to attend the World Music Awards. He performs Earth Song and receives 5 awards for the World’s Best-Selling Male Pop Artist, R&B Artist, American Male Recording Artist, Overall Best-Selling Male Recording Artist, and the World’s Best-Selling Album Of All-Time (Thriller). At the end of the ceremony he gets on stage to hug Diana Ross. He also addresses the controversy over They Don’t Care About Us claiming to never have been anti-Semitic. ABC-TV aired the show on June 3.


2000 – Michael arrives in Monaco with Prince, Paris, Grace, Bob Jones, Karen Faye, Michael Bush & german business man Dieter Wiesner.

2009 – AEG hires Dr Conrad Murray as Michael’s personal physician. 🙁


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