Congratulation’s India Key! Great Job! Let’s Celebrate!


Hi India Key, we heard you graduated but couldn’t attend the ceremony for your graduation, well we’re all here to cheer you on and to celebrate with you. 

So many of us care. You worked very hard for your certificate and you did it! Here are some picture’s to make you smile. Congratulations!


Below are some comments from your facebook page.


Monique Evette Thomas Congrats girl!!
Meicka Scott Congratulations!!!
Diane Cooper Praise God, proud of you. Have a bless one.
Fritz Jean Congrats!
Dawn Lackey congrats to you
Kelvin Johnson Congratulations India.
Elaine M Bishop What a relief, congratilations
Juanita Brown Congrats!!
Irene Hodgkins-Rossi Congratulations!!
Mary Griffin Congratulations baby girl
Flomo W. Freeman Congratulations
Jane Evans Congrats
Alicia Jarvis Congrats girlie, so when does the big raise happen?
Debra Alexander Congratulations!
Rhoda Bello Congratulations.
Anita Tackie-Sillah Congrats India Key!! You did it. I am very proud of u❤️❤️
Tahira Lodge Congrats!
Yolanda Maraj Congratulations
Ida Huff congratulations!!
Bonnie Lamrock Congratulations! Your friends online will be your ceremony. Sending you love & all the best for your future. 🙂
Anthony Primavera Congratulations 😀 !!!!
Joanne Kenney Congratulations India. You worked very hard, now it’s time to party. Party in the bed with a whole lot of zeeeez.
Nerlande QueenLioness Bernard CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
Elaine M Bishop What a relief, it’s over!
Denise Cooper Congratulations 🎈
Emilie Artru Congratulations!!
Rochelle E Hines Porter Congratulations
Alisha Williams Yay!congrats
Dolores Wise-SpencerCongratulations!!🎈

you are good

Keep up the good work India. You have a bright future ahead of you. You’re loved in the Facebook community and beyond. We wish you the you the very best. I hope this made you feel as if you were part of a ceremony, even though it wasn’t official.

God Bless you!


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