Article To Fans About Navi Playing Michael Jackson on Lifetime Movie channel

(Our Personal Navi Photos + Plenty of MJ Photos with tribute artists Below)
Some fans are happy to learn about Navi playing the role of Michael Jackson, but others feel Navi doesn’t look enough like Michael to be given this opportunity. I think it’s hard for some of us to see a person trying to ‘look’ like our King because MJ is one of a kind. Nobody will ever come close to him.
I think about how we felt about impersonators when Michael was alive. I think we found them more ‘entertaining’ & lighthearted rather than offensive, but Since Michael passed away some of us are more critical. The truth is, these tribute artists are here to help keep Michael’s memory alive in their own way. They’re not trying to ‘BE’ Michael Jackson,,,, they just want to show their love for him through their artistry.
Michael Jackson loved impersonators, (though I think the name ‘Tribute Artists’ is much more appropriate). I’ve posted some photos below of Michael with a variety of Tribute artists as well as Katherine Jackson & others. Michael & his family have always shown great love & respect to these artists for their dedication.
Obviously some tribute artist’s don’t look anything like Michael & some, well, they do a pretty good job but I think we should commend them for trying their best to honor the King of Pop.
Navi is one of the top Tribute artist’s across the globe. I admire Ecassanova & recently have seen some EXCELLENT looking artists but Michael LITERALLY loved Navi. I witnessed with my own eyes on several occasions Michael Jackson’s passion & excitement when Navi would perform. Michael saw so much likeness between himself & Navi that he even hired Navi as a body double! He definitely approved of Navi, there’s no question about that.
I personally feel that if Michael had a choice from Heaven above on who should play the role representing him in this Lifetime movie, he would choose Navi.
Nobody will ever compare to Michael that’s why watching this new TV movie is going to be difficult for me. I just pray it’s as positive as can be. I hope they give the money to charity, but I’d much rather have a documentary filled with REAL MJ clips etc. Like when he made that TV documentary about his life,,, Private Home Movies. They should just air that instead coz that’s the true Michael Jackson that I would prefer the world to see.
Bonnie Lamrock
Below are some of our personal photos of Navi throughout the years. Yes, we’ve met him and yes, he does seems to be a good man.
Directly below is my photo of Michael Jackson giving Navi a standing ovation. 
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Below are photos of Michael & family with tribute artists. I don’t have all their names but will research tomorrow to find out who they are.

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Michael with e casanova


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  1. Dorita March 12, 2017 at 1:58 AM - Reply

    I only know the first two – with Katherine and Michael – are Carlo Riley. He’s brilliant and beyond loved, respected, popular and revered, just like Navi. He is unique and magnificent in his own way, just like Navi is when it comes to keeping Michael’s legacy alive. I’m trying to think of the others (apart from E’Casanova, whose name is already there) but it will come to me eventually.

    Very well said, very well written Bonnie! I personally would definitely approve of Navi for the role given that he was Michael’s decoy, and performed for him after all, and he was personally chosen BY Michael!

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