Remembering Maurice Gibb 1949 – Jan 12th, 2003

We would like to take a moment to remember Maurice Gibb. Born December 22nd 1949, past on January 12, 2003. Rest in Peace to another great legend who has left us. You made a difference in this world Maurice! Thank you for everything.

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Maurice Gibb

Part of a musical family, Maurice Gibb started out performing with his brothers Barry and Robin at a young age. The trio, eventually known as the Bee Gees, had their first international hit in 1967. The group enjoyed a second, bigger wave of success in the 1970s with such songs as “Staying Alive” and “How Deep Is Your Love.” The brothers kept recording and performing until Maurice’s death in 2003.

Early Life

As part of the Bee Gees, Maurice Gibb enjoyed tremendous pop success while maintaining somewhat of a lower profile than his brothers and bandmates Barry and Robin. He was known for his sense of humor and his musical talents.

Gibb started his life as a part of duo, being born roughly half an hour after his twin brother Robin in 1949. In addition to the fraternal twins, the family also included older sister Lesley and older brother Barry. The youngest son, Andy, was born in 1958.

Music was an important part of their family life. Their father Hugh worked as a bandleader and a drummer. Not long after Andy’s birth, the Gibb family moved to Australia in 1958. There Gibb and his two older brothers first tasted musical success. They hosted a television show and released their first single, which featured their soon-to-be trademark vocal style. The three Gibb brothers, eventually known as the Bee Gees, sang most of their songs in three-part harmony with Maurice handling many of the higher parts. Maurice was also a skilled musician, playing bass guitar on some of their songs.

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