Today In Michael Jackson History (December 28th)

1989 – Michael was among the celebrities who rallied to the cause of young Ryan White, an Indiana high school student and hemophiliac who had contracted AIDS in late 1984 from a blood transfusion he received while being treated for pneumonia. White’s battle with the disease was extended to being a fight to remain in school despite his condition, making him the poster child for AIDS awareness and education.

Michael bought White a red Mustang in June 1989, and then invited him to spend the X-mas holidays with him at Neverland from December 28 to January 2, for what turned out to be his very last New Year, where he rested and watched movies with the King of Pop.

Eighteen-year-old White succumbed to the disease on April 8, 1990, and Michael eulogized him in the song Gone Too Soon, released the following year.


1996 – Michael perform HIStory concert at Fukuoka Dome in Fukuoka, Japan attending 35,000 fans.

1971 – The Jackson 5 play at the Memorial Auditorium, Dallas (Texas).


1970 – The Jackson 5 perform a concert at the Greensboro Coliseum, North Carolina during the winter tour.

Ticket prices are $7.00, $6.00 and $5.00 and the show was presented through the co-operation of Radio Station WEAL in Greensboro.


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