Today In Michael Jackson History (October 10th)

1992 – Michael Jackson Live in Bucharest aired and HBO network was rewarded with their highest ever TV ratings in the history(21.4% rating, 34% share). It later received the highest ratings in cable history, in which Jackson was honored with a CableACE Award.

Film rights to the concert originally bought by HBO (Home Box Office), an American cable station, for a reported $20 million – the highest sum ever paid for a pop concert.

The concert was broadcast live on radio and shown on television across 60 countries, too, giving fans unable to attend any of his concerts the chance to see Michael perform.

Concert recorded on 1st October 1992, in front of 70,000 fans, at Bucharest National Stadium in Bucharest, Romania.

Every detail of the show was, of course, nothing short of mesmerizing. His stage entrance was no exception. Smoke machines hid the stage behind a curtain of smoke and as fireworks suddenly exploded, Michael jumped from beneath the stage amid the sparks and smoke dressed in black, gold and silver. There he stood, absolutely motionless for almost two minutes, as the crowd went wild. He slowly removed his oversized mirrored sunglasses, tossed them aside and began to Jam, and his didn’t stop jamming until two hours later with Man In The Mirror.

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1970 – The Jackson 5 perform at Cincinnati, Ohio on their first national tour.

STAR SPANGLED BANNER, America’s national anthem, performed by the Jackson 5 –accompanied by the Leman Monroe High School Band – at the opening game of the baseball World Series at the Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. In a later interview, Michael and his brothers admitted they didn’t know the words, and had to quickly learn them on the way to the stadium.


1976 – The Jacksons made a guest appearances on the new Sonny & Cher Show.


1982 – Michael attends the wedding of Courtney Sale & Steve Ross with Quincy Jones & his wife Peggy.


1987 – LOOKIN magazine [UK] featured Michael on their cover.


1988 – Michael performs BAD tour at Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland [US].

1993 – Michael performs Dangerous concert at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina attending 70,000.

1997 – Michael performs HIStory concert at Johannesburg Stadium in Johannesburg, SA attending 39,000.


2001 – Two days later, on October 10 confirmed that Michael will perform on Sunday, October 21, at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC at “United We Stand – What More Can I Give”. A star-studded music spectacular to raise money in support of the recovery efforts from the September 11th attack on America.

Then Jackson recorded an all-star tribute to the Victims of September 11 which included stars such as Ricky Martin, Destiny’s Child, Shakira, Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan. But despite the commercial power of such a line up Sony did not release the song, much to Jackson’s bewilderment.

The source added: “This song was to raise money for charity and there’s no doubt that it had so many stars involved that it could have been a success.”


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