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Below: My family & I during younger days. We all worked on the web site for Michael. <3


(The information below has not been updated since 2016)

Back in 2003, I opened a small web site and named it ‘MJ-Upbeat’. I don’t really know why I chose that name, but I liked the ‘Upbeat’ part of it for sure. ūüôā

My web site was started on a server that was free of charge called ‘Hometown’ AOL. (They don’t have that site any longer) As time went on I realized that I needed more space¬†so¬†I began paying for a larger server & here I am 13 years later. So much has happenned in this 13 years……………….

I hope you’ll get¬†an idea of what¬†MJ-Upbeat is all about¬†by reading some of our history below. It’s loaded with videos, MJ photos and other cool stuff.

The 2005 trial was hard to get through, but we did it. We¬†had a vigil here in¬†Boston to show our support for Michael during the allegations. My daughter’s and I created a banner for the event. Here’s the banner we created below. My daughter’s are holding each end of it. We walked through the streets of Boston with other MJ fans to show our support. It was said that the banner was shipped to Neverland by the MJJF team.

Click Images To See Larger Size.

Here I am with the completed banner at home before heading to the vigil (below).

Link to Boston Vigil: http://home.mj-upbeat.com/mj-photo-gallery/boston-vigil-2003/


–On November 11th, 2004¬†– MJ-Upbeat traveled to New York to show support for Michael against that negative song by eminem. There was a rally and Geraldo Rivera was there for a live broadcast in which Michael called¬†on the phone¬†and voiced his opinions about things. (I ended up interviewing Geraldo afterwards.) ūüėČ


Me, Geraldo and my daughter¬†above. We’re laughing because he gave my daughter ‘bunny ears’ on the picture before this.

This is what Michael said when he called New York that night:

Geraldo: …I think we may have on the telephone right now, a surprise caller in his first live interview on Network Television in at least a year as far as I know. I believe Michael Jackson is there. Are you there Michael? .

Michael : How are you Geraldo… Hello?

Geraldo : Ok buddy, let me ask you.. How do you feel, Michael, about the continuing support you¬īve gotten from your fans despite all you¬īve gone through. .

Michael : Well, Geraldo, its because of my fans that I am calling you today. I mean, I feel they are the best fans in the world and I decided rather than having anyone else speak for me that I would do it myself you know. And I want to thank my fans for their strong support over the years. They could have been anywhere today, you know, and they chose to be in New York in Times Square. And I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. They have written thousands and thousands of letters, and have made hundreds of calls regarding the Eminem video. And I love them so, so much.

 In London over 4000 people showed up on my behalf. And I want to thank Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Minister  Farrakhan [sp], The Source, Steve Harvey, Bob Johnson and BET, Jesse Hughes and Radio One, and all the many others who have supported me. And Geraldo, I want to also thank you for your friendship and everything, all the wonderful things you have been doing. Thank you so, so much. I made my message clear about the Eminem video. I think that its demeaning and disrespectful, but I also want to make it clear that its not just about Michael Jackson.. But a pattern of disrespect that he has shown to our community. He needs to stop it, and he needs to stop it now.

Geraldo : Michael, let me just say that I support you because I believe that you are getting a raw deal. Not just by Eminem, but in a lot of other aspects of life that I don¬īt need to mention. But let me go on the positive side for a minute. What do you have coming up? Anything that we can announce to these people? Something that can give them some optimism? .

Michael : Yes, I¬īm always working on wonderful music. I¬īve been working on several albums right now, I¬īve been working on music today. I¬īm working on something as we speak Geraldo, and I¬īm in the process of making plans to do some other wonderful things that I¬īll be announcing to the fans very, very soon. And I look forward to that Geraldo, you know. And I¬īll give you a call too, soon.

Geraldo : I bet you do, I bet you do. Ok, please do. But before I let you go, anything else you want to say? .

Michael : I love my fans, I love you and thank you so much for being there on my behalf. And thank you Geraldo again, thank you so so much. .

Geraldo : Ok Michael, thank you. Thanks for calling in. Michael Jackson everybody.


–2006 – KATRINA PROJECT / MJ-Upbeat.com (& MJFC)

After Katrina hit, MJ-Upbeat worked with MJFC. My daughter’s and I bought over¬†50¬†white T-shirts and some iron on decals. We offered any person who donated $20 or¬†more to the Red Cross, (and could show a receipt), a customized T-shirt made by my daughter’s and I. MJFC helped with the assistance¬†of Giuseppe Mazzola by allowing me to use Giuseppe’s MJ art for the shirts.

Here’s a picture of some of the T-shirt’s below: (my daughter Nia modeled the shirts for me). ūüôā

MJ Art by Giuseppe Mazzola. Thank you Giuseppe. (Facebook HERE)

MJ Art by Giuseppe Mazzola. Thank you Giuseppe.  (Facebook HERE)


–Below: 2003 / Working At Michael’s 45th Birthday Party

In August of 2003 – MJ-Upbeat traveled across the Country to work at Michael’s 45th Birthday party. I, (Bonnie) was offered to work at the party because at that time, I was working for The Michael Jackson World Network’.

My job at the party was to help in the lobby with the transfer and selling of the merchandice, One of which was official MJ clothing. Here’s a T-shirt I bought below.

Later during the party I assisted in moving some fan artwork backstage, the art you see below

At the Birthday party Michael was on his feet clapping for this really cool act.

Here’s The Act He Loved below. (we only got a little of it)

Below is the jacket the workers wore at the request of Michael. Later that night, we all were invited back to Neverland, sadly, I didn’t feel well and I regretfully watched all my co-workers¬†entering into the bus.¬†¬†A trip that I would give my right arm to¬†go¬†on¬†now. I regret not going very much so. ūüôĀ

We were instructed to wear tan pants, white shirt and white tennis sneaker’s. These are what I wore below. Still saved to my collection along with the jacket.

Below is a picture of Navi who performed that night. Michael gave him a standing ovation.

Below is Michael’s standing ovation for Navi.

Below, it looks as if Michael is looking at me. <3

My video’s below. (very unstable & blury). My daughter took most of this footage while I worked the party. I also filmed when I could.

VIDEO: MJ 45th Birthday Party Part 1 HERE

VIDEO: MJ 45th Birthday Party Part 2 HERE

VIDEO: MJ 45th Birthday Party Part 3 HERE

VIDEO: MJ 45th Birthday Party Part 4 HERE

VIDEO: MJ 45th Birthday Party Part 5 HERE

VIDEO: MJ 45th Birthday Party Part 6 HERE


–Below: 2002 New York / Webster Hall, we attended ‘A Celebration Of Love’ event.

In 2002 – MJ-Upbeat traveled to New York for the Sony¬†Rally¬†and later that night we attended the ‘Celebration Of Love’ event which Michael also attended.

Here we are (above) waiting to get into the event. My daughter Nia has the white sweater and the fedora hat on. My older daughter April is sitting down on a lounge chair. My husband sat there all day to be sure we were first in line.

The photo above is Michael on the double decker bus as he drove by the demonstration. This was the first time we ever laid eyes on Michael in the flesh! We were in tears.

For the Celebration Of Love’ event later that evening I was fortunate to have been given a ‘press pass’ by the president of¬†‘The Michael Jackson Fan Club’¬†and I was escorted to the foot of the stage where I got many beautiful photos of Michael, (soon to be released)…

Below is a picture of my ‘press pass’.

below¬†are a few¬†of my many picture’s I took from that day. It appears as if Michael was looking in my direction yet again. ūüėČ

Below is a picture of Navi who performed that day among many other artist’s.

More of Michael from that day.

– Our VIDEO Of MJ Driving by at Sony Demo HERE

– Our Video Of MJ In Webster Hall: HERE

– Cute Video Of MJ Continuosly Peeking Over The Balcony at his favorite song & performance (Heal The World)! HERE

Below is a picture of his favorite performance that day. They were dancing beautifully to Heal The World.

Michael peeking at the performance. I could tell he loved it. He was acting like a child peeking over so many times, and he was also singing along with them. I caught video of his lips moving to the song. He really enjoyed this.


–Below: My family & I visited Gary Indiana, 2003 / Michael’s deposition

In 2003 – MJ-Upbeat Traveled to Gary Indiana, to show support during Michael’s visit. (Time of his Deposition)

We felt this was an important time in Michael’s life to show our support for him. He was not only going through a lot with the situation of his deposition but he was visiting his home town after all those years. It was surely going to bring back some old memories both good as well as not so good. We wanted to be there to show our love and support for this very special time in his life. We have many more photos of this day in our personal archives to be released one day.

These videos below are very unstable and shakey because I was being pushed by the crowd.

Gary Video: MJ Arriving to City Hall In Limo HERE

Gary Video: MJ Coming Out Of The City Hall HERE

Gary Video: MJ Being Silly In Front Of City Hall HERE

Gary Video: Michael Leaving City Hall HERE

Gary Video: MJ walking out onto the Gary Shipyard HERE


—¬†MJ-Upbeat has participated in many project’s throughout these 10 years. We also created some of our own projects as well.

Here’s some of what we participated in:

– BJ Hickman Held Our Sign Up During The Trial In 2005 to represent our support.


– MJ-Upbeat has also helped some children in need, one of which is named Timothy. His mother wrote me in 2006 telling me about her child who was sick so I bought $300. worth of toys and also made a very big card signed by¬†many fans from around the world. Here are some picture’s below:

Above: The card we made, signed by almost 100 fans!

He loved this Teddy Bear.

He looks so happy. ūüôā

Timothy and his mom took the time to take this picture thanking us all.

UPDATE: !!¬† Today, (October 5th), Timothy’s mother sent me a picture of what the teddy bear looks like now and also a picture of the card which they saved. All these years later and they still have it. <3. See Below:

Here’s the teddy bear which is featured above.. after many years of being used.


Shortly after Michael passed away MJ-Upbeat began working on a project for Mrs. Jackson. We made a condolence book with messages from fans all across the world. My friends helped me in this project See Project HERE: http://home.mj-upbeat.com/fun-stuff/messages-to-mrs-jackson-from-fans-around-the-world-below/

Thank You To Sheril Snider, Angela  Brannon, LuLu  Bouvier, Michaela & MJWN For Helping Me With This Project.


In 2005 – MJ-Upbeat created a giant ‘Miss You’ card for Michael signed by many fans including the team at MJFC, the team at MJWN and many other’s.


–My children love MJ as well. They originally worked on¬†MJ-Upbeat with me until they grew up and moved out.

Below is my daughter Nia doing a school project and she chose Michael Jackson. (The Best Idol In The World) There were 2 other children who chose Michael as well. ūüôā


Other small things we’ve done to show our love for Michael:

– Donated $100.¬†to ‘Shout Magazine.com’ for Michael’s full page add in All Music Magazine. (During Trial)

– Donated $100. to FANWATCH/MJFC during time of trial

– Donated for 2 unknown fans to have a premium membership¬†on Michael’s web site back during the trial, (MJJSource). Karen Faye chose 2 people to receive my annonymous donation.


Before I close,,,, I would like to share my feelings about running MJ-Upbeat.com:

Selfishly, I’ll have to admit that my goal when beginning this web site back in 2003 was to ultimately one day meet Michael. As I began to work, I realized that Michael’s fans are¬†beautiful people so I began doing it for the fans as well. When Michael died, I¬†knew my first intention for this web site would never be realized,,,,,, I would never meet Michael. I wanted to crawl under a rock and die, but I didn’t, I kept going for the fans. I kept going¬†to honoure¬†Michael’s legacy. I kept going for his children. I want to give the fans¬†a relaxing place to come and enjoy Michael. The news isn’t alway’s so good, but this web site isn’t just about the news,,, it’s about the photos, the article’s, the fans, and the love.

Just because Michael passed away doesn’t change anything regarding our continued devotion for him. We will continue for as long as we can. MJ web site’s should not be closing,,,,they should be opening everywhere. Some think just because Michael’s gone that there’s no point anymore but that’s not true at all, in fact, Michael needs us¬†NOW¬†more¬†than ever. He can’t speak for himself now, but we can speak¬†FOR him because we know what his message was. We owe that to him and he deserves it. Open a web site, start an MJ facebook page, start a tumblr page or try the many other social sites out there. Spread the word about Michael everywhere! ūüôā

In closing, I would like to leave you with a video of me, (Bonnie) on the day Michael died. Channel¬†5 called my house and wanted to do a small interview with me about Michael’s passing. The media crew pulled up to my apartment and they came inside with the cameras and lighting. I may not seem sad in this video, but I was trying to be strong. I ended up walking to the park by myself later¬†that night and I lay on a blanket looking up at the stars crying about the loss of this man I loved. I cried until morning.¬†When I¬†got home¬†after a long night at the park,¬†I realized that instead of crying and shutting down,,, I need to work harder than ever on my site, and I did.¬†It was my way of slowly healing.

We are¬†all truly¬†family in Michael’s name. I’m blessed to have met many beautiful MJ fans throughout these 10 years. I’d like to thank all the special people I’ve met. (you know who you are).

I look forward to who I’ll meet in the future.

If I could meet anybody in the Jackson family right at this very moment, it would be Katherine Jackson hands down. I’ve alway’s wanted to meet her second to Michael. I hope one day this dream will come true. I admire her for her strength. She was/is a great mom. Michael loved her more than anyone.

Thank you for visiting MJ-Upbeat. You’re alway’s welcome here. But try not to swear in the comment area’s please. ūüėČ


Bonnie Lamrock / MJ-Upbeat.com



If you’d like to make a donation please¬†go to¬†the right of this page and scroll back up or look for the PayPal button below this page. Donations can be made on the PayPal site to my email BonnieLamrock@aol.com

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We’ll be approaching 14 years November 1st, 2017. ūüôā


Bonnie Lamrock







  1. All Things Michael October 4, 2013 at 11:56 PM - Reply

    Hi Bonnie! Thank you so much for posting all your beautiful memories of Michael. Even though you did not get to meet him personally, you certainly got a lot closer to him than most. I’ll bet you anything that he remembered you. Michael was like that about his fans, but you know that already. He loved and cared for each one and I am sure he appreciated your assistance at the various events. You are truly blessed to have the full support of your family.

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary and may you have many, many more. We need to keep fans like you who are totally devoted to preserving and protecting Michael’s legacy at the forefront. I really respect you a lot and you are an excellent role model of what a fan should be. Much love ‚ô•

    • Bonnie Lamrock October 5, 2013 at 1:28 AM - Reply

      Thank you for your kind words. ūüôā It’s all for LOVE. ūüôā

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    Thank you for everything!Your love and dedication is truly inspiring .You are an amazing person.

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    You’re amazing Bonnie!! Thanks to you and your family for everything you do, everything you share with us ūüėÄ

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