Michael’s Body Released To Family

Late Friday night, the body of Michael Jackson has been released to his family members, who have gathered in Encino (California, USA) to plan his funeral arrangements and grieve his loss.

His family is debating whether to arrange a public or private funeral.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office completed Michael Jackson’s autopsy Friday, concluding that there were no signs of foul play or trauma.

A person close to the family said Jackson’s relatives have many questions about the people who spent time with the pop singer in the days leading up to his death. In particular, Jackson’s family wants to know more about the singer’s interactions with concert promoter AEG. The family believes that several advisers and representatives who were spending time with Jackson were put in place by AEG.

The president of AEG Live has said Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who was with Michael Jackson when he collapsed Thursday, was hired at the request of the singer.

“As a company, we would have preferred not having a physician on staff full-time because it would have been cheaper without the hotels and travel, but Michael was insistent that he be hired,” Randy Phillips said Friday. “Michael had a rapport with him.”

Records reveal that Jackson’s doctor had been ordered to pay $400,000 as a result of court judgments over the years and he currently faces at least two other pending court cases and several tax liens. Police have seized the doctor’s car in search of evidence, but say Murray is not considered a criminal suspect.

The person who spoke to The Associated Press said Jackson’s family is also very concerned about the singer’s estate, as they are not sure who has been handling his business affairs.

“There are decisions going down without the family being in the loop; it’s becoming an issue,” the person said.

While none of Jackson’s family members were present when he died, he was not estranged from his relatives, the person close to the family said. The singer’s children are now being cared for by his family in Encino.

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