2005 Trial (News)

OPENING STATEMENTS: The jury will find Michael Jackson not guilty of all charges, Mesereau says

Michael Jackson Trial – DAY 2: I’m angry. I’m good, but I am angry

Day 3 – Prosecutor’s Witness Describes Possible Plot Against Michael Jackson 

Day 4: The Sister of the Accuser Takes the Stand

Day 5: Michael Jackson is ‘an ideal family man’, said Accuser’s Mother 

Day 6: Brother and Sister of Accuser Testify, Contradictions Take Center Stage

DAY 7: Changing Stories – Accuser’s Brother States “I don’t know exactly what I said” 

Day 8: Accuser Takes Stand, Brother of Accuser Changes Recollection of Events

Day 9: Michael Jackson Suffers Back Pain and Hears Accuser Minimize His Benevolence

Day 10: MOTIONS – No Visit to Neverland for Jury & Judge Says You Can’t Turn Jury into Accountants 

Day 11: Accuser States, Repeatedly, Michael Jackson ‘did nothing to me’

Day 12: Accuser’s Contradictions Continue, Lead Prosecution Investigator Testifies

Day 13: Defense Creates Doubts About Seized Evidence 

Day 14: Former Housekeeper Says She Never Saw Mr. Jackson Serve Alcohol to a Minor

Day 15: MOTIONS – Prosecution Tries to Substantiate Case by Looking to the Past 

Day 16: Psychologist Admits, Parents Can Manipulate Children to Lie

Day 17: Comedian Says Family Would “Latch on to anyone who would help them” 

Day 18: Judge Denies Prosecution Bid to Include Computer Material 

Day 19: Possible Fingerprint Evidence Tampering and Degrading, Reliability Questioned

Day 20: Experts Confirm Fingerprints Cannot Be Dated, Does Not Prove Mr. Jackson Showed Them 

Day 21: Jury to Hear Past Allegations for which Mr.Jackson Was Never Charged, Most Refuse to Testify 

Day 22: Flight Attendent Says She Never Saw Mr. Jackson Serve Alcohol to A Minor 

Day 23: Psychologist & Attorney for Accuser Take the Stand, Defense Questions Connections, Motives 

Day 24: Current Accuser’s Family Consults 1993 Case Attorney Prior To Calling Authorities 

Day 25: Defense Grills Former Accuser Over Statement Inconsistencies and Financial Motivation

Day 26: Witness to Police, ‘They made me come up with a lot more stuff. They kept pushing…’

Day 27: Former Employees Sold False Stories to Fund Suit Against Mr. Jackson, Jackson Won

Day 28: ‘But your idea of justice was millions of bucks?’ Defense Exposes Former Employees

Day 29: 1993 Accuser’s Mother Admits She Never Witnessed Any Molestation

Day 30: Stepfather Testifies He Sought Money From Jackson & Tabloids 

Day 31: Judge Allows Mother of the Accuser to Plead the Fifth on Shady Past 

Day 32: Mother of Accuser Claims Held Against Her Will, Makes No Effort to Get Help

Day 33: The Mother of the Accuser Admits Lies. and More Lies

Day 34: Bizarre Testimony Continues -Accuser’s Mother Tells Story of Possible Hot Air Balloon Escape

Day 35: Accuser’s Mother Says Prosecution ‘Refreshed’ Her Memory

Day 36: Security Guard Testifies About Ranch Policy To Protect Unsupervised Children

Day 37: “The (mother) perjured herself on the stand. because she lies for gain”

Day 38: Defense Says Prosecution Allowed to Call Debbie Rowe, in End of Case “Desperate Tactic” 

Day 39: Family’s Tickets to Brazil Never Purchased, Videographer Gives Accuser’s Mother Money

Day 40: Michael Jackson’s Ex-wife: “He’s My Friend. No One Can Tell Me What To Say” 

Day 41: Mr. Jackson’s Ex-Wife Continues to Dismantle Prosecution’s Claims

Day 42: Prosecution Struggles to Create Evidence Against Mr. Jackson, Shows Jury Art Books From 1993

Day 43: D.A. Tries to Substantiate Weak Case, Says Jackson’s Associates Made Too Many Phone Calls

Day 44: Inflammatory Testimony from Prosecution’s Accountant Falls Flat in Cross-Examination

Day 45: Prosecution’s Anticlimactic Finish, Judge Considers Acquittal


Day 47: Mothers Testify “To Know Michael Jackson is to Love Him and to Trust Him” 

Day 48: Ranch Employees: Mr. Jackson Never Behaved Inappropriately, Accuser Reckless & Destructive

Day 49: Ranch Manager Testifies He was Never Asked to Hold Family Against Their Will

Day 50: Macaulay Culkin Denounces Allegations Against Mr. Jackson: “absolutely ridiculous”

Day 51: Former Attorney Says Mr. Jackson was ‘Hoodwinked’ & ‘Willfully Misled’ 

Day 52: Former Attorney Says Mr. Jackson was, “ripe as a target”

Day 53: Neverland Employees Say Accuser Broke into Wine Cellar, Had Pornography in His Backpack 

Day 54: Mr. Jackson’s Cousin Sees Accuser and Brother Steal Alcohol

Day 55: Mr. Jackson’s Cousin Saw Accuser Watching Pornography and Stealing Money

Day 56: Witness Testifies Accuser’s Mother Praised Mr. Jackson as “A Great Man, An Angel”

Day 57: Geragos Suspected Accuser’s Mother, “sooner or later we’d get a false accusation”

Day 58: Mother of the Accuser Commits Welfare Fraud and Curses Relative Offering to Help Her Son

Day 59: Mother of the Accuser Admitted Fraud to Paralegal in Prior Case, Taught Children to Lie

Day 60: The Defense Rests, Chris Tucker Suspicious of Accuser and Family

Day 61:Family of Accuser’s Attorney Refused Delivery of Their Possessions, Judge Denies Old Photos

Day 62: Prosecution & Defense Rests, Video: Prosecution Questions Accuser, Promises a Criminal Case

Day 63: Judge Sets Jury Instructions, Lawyers Argue Final Motions Before Closing Arguments

Day 64: Jury Instructions Delivered, Closing Arguments Begin Tomorrow

Day 65: Closing Arguments: “Mr. Jackson must be acquitted. That’s the law.”

Day 66: If you have any reasonable doubt about the lies, it’s over. You must acquit Michael Jackson

Deliberations Day 2: No Verdict, Jury Asks Questions

Deliberations Day 3: Jury Deliberations Resume

Deliberations Day 4: 20 Hours of Jury Deliberations, Wait for Verdict Continues

Deliberations Day 5: Jury Deliberates for a Half Day, World Waits For Verdict

Deliberations Day 6: No Verdict at Week’s End